Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt 2016: Wrap Up Post

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll probably be aware that this year I have been participating in Bev Hankins’ Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt, which is runs from her brilliant blog My Reader’s Block. In this particular challenge the aim of the game was to read books with certain items on the cover. In total there were 75 items to find and to make it even harder I decided to pick the gold level, which meant that the books had to have been originally published before 1960. A couple of months ago I finally made it to the end of the challenge and only incurred a few sleepless nights trying to find a book cover with a coffin on (which felt a little ironic given the nature of the genre). This wrap up post is the final stage of the challenge, listing my scavenger hunt items, or rather books. Since there are 75 of them I decided to make it a little more interesting to read by putting the entries into different categories, such as my least and most favourite reads of the challenge.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 20162

Favourite Challenge Reads


Least Favourite Challenge Reads



Challenge Reads Set Outside of the UK and the USA




Challenge Reads Set Within the USA


Challenge Reads Set in Rural Areas (E.g. Countryside, Country Houses, villages etc.)

  • The Rasp by Philip Macdonald (Item: Telephone)


Challenge Reads which were Short Story Collections






Hardest Challenge Items to Find




Agatha Christie Challenge Reads




Challenge Reads by Authors New to Me

  • The House of Lies by Augustus Muir (Item: Jewellery – the advantage of earlier editions which include adverts on the back of books)


Challenge Reads Set in Urban Areas 



  1. That’s an impressive challenge and even more impressive achievement to complete it. Well done

    Pondering whether a similar type of hunt could be applied to the contemporary crime fiction I read more of and think probably not…there appears to be far less variety in cover art these days

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  2. Kate, I bow to your scavenging abilities (and your impressive reading pace)! If anybody else has read a full scavenger card, they’re keeping it quiet until they post a wrap-up. I’m betting you’ll be my grad prize winner. 🙂

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