‘Poirot was silent a minute. Then he said:

“If you will be so good, M. Hardman, assemble everyone here. There are two possible solutions of this case. I want to lay them both before you all.” (Christie, Murder on the Orient Express, 1934).

I always think one of the best moments in a crime or detective novel is when you realise after X number of pages you’re finally going to find out whodunit.

On this blog, Crossing Examining Crime, I plan to mainly review crime fiction. As the quote above suggests, one of my favourite sub-genres of crime fiction is the Golden Age, but I also enjoy reading translated crime fiction. I will primarily be reviewing books, but occasionally I will comment on films, TV series and theatre productions.

I also write articles for CADs (Crime and Detective Stories) magazine and Mystery Scene Magazine. I also have an entry in the upcoming publication  Sleuths, Private Eyes, and Policemen: An International Compendium of the 100 Greatest Literary Detectives, which should be released this year (fingers crossed).

I’m really looking forward to hearing your views on crime fiction, so don’t be shy!

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  1. James McEwan says:

    I look forward to reading your entry in “Sleuths, Private Eyes and Policemen”. When will it be released?
    I have always enjoyed these stories, some people class the genre as ‘cosy crime’ since there is very little blood, but I believe the suspense is what keeps the reader hooked.
    I have penned my own ‘Holmes Type’ as an entry into a competition (2nd place winner). I enjoyed this so much that I had to complete a series of short stories in my publication ‘The Case of the Mahjong Dragon.’
    If you are interested, I can send a PDF copy rather than you buy it. Alternatively it is available through the British Library.
    I enjoy reading your site and your reading capacity amazes me, I wish i could read as quickly and as much.


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    • Glad you are enjoying the blog. Not quite sure when Sleuths, Private Eyes and Policemen will be released, but I am hoping sometime this year. As to your kind offer I have sent you an email to discuss it in more detail.

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