Agatha Christie

I decided to create a depositary for my various posts which have looked at the works, characters and themes in Christie’s work. These are not individual book reviews. For that see my Past Hearings Archive page.

A is for April… and anything goes: Accidental and Amateur Sleuths – What’s the Difference?

A is for April… and anything goes: Alibis

All in the Name of Love

Agatha’s Ark: Animals in Classic Crime Fiction

Agatha Christie’s Advice for Going on Holiday

Agatha Christie and One of her Toughest Critics

Agatha Christie’s Most Memorable Victims and Villains

Battle of the Detectives: Miss Marple vs. Mrs Bradley – Who is the Deadliest?

‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes’: Agatha Christie and Jacobean Tragedy

Cats and Crime: An Eclectic Exploration of the Darker Side to Cats in Early Mystery Fiction

Christie’s Critters: Assistants, Avengers and Animal Imagery

Christie Firsts

Christie, History and Mystery

Christie in Translation: Your Experiences

Classical Allusions and Miss Marple

Country House Mysteries – Some of my Favourites

Crime in Costume

Cross Examining Crime’s 5 Year Anniversary: P. G. Wodehouse’s Influence on Classic Crime Fiction

Deadly Dinner Parties

Eleven Poisonous Purposes in Detective Fiction

Emotions in Golden Age Detective Fiction

Favourite Sleuthing Couples

Favorite Sleuths First Outings

Golden Age Advice on Staying at Country Houses

Holiday and Travelling Mysteries Top 5s

How to Stay Safe at School, College and University – According to Detective Fiction

Mayo and Miss Marple Under the Microscope

Miss Marple: Gender and Age Traditionalist? A Feminist Radical? Or a Subtle Social Revolutionary?

My Favourite (Fictional) Poisonings

The Christie Verdict

The Literary Crossovers Between Modernist Literature and Golden Age Detective Fiction

Tick Tock: Clocks and Crime

Villages and Detective Fiction

What Day of the Week is Agatha Christie most likely to Murder you on? 

What Makes a Good Female Sleuth?: The Job Specification

Where is Agatha Christie Most Likely to Murder You? The Outdoor Edition

Which Room is Agatha Christie Most Likely to Kill You In?

Why did Golden Age Detective Writers Situate their Murder Mysteries on Holidays and Modes of Transport?