Crime Fiction Quizzes

As lovers of crime fiction we read a lot. And then we read some more. But how much do we actually remember? Think you know your Christie? Are you confident on your knowledge of Ngaio Marsh, Allingham or Sayers novels? How much do you know about the Golden Age of crime fiction?

Click on the pictures below and test your wits against my (mostly Golden Age inspired) quizzes!!

N. B. Due to this being a blog I can’t embed my quizzes from spiracle so clicking on the pictures opens it up in another tab.

Also since technology is neither my first love nor one of my strengths feel free to let me know if any of the quizzes need tweaking and of course if there are any answers which are wrong let me know!













Ngaio Marsh Quiz

P D James Quiz

Poirot quiz









sayers titles

Sayers vs Christie Characters
















    • I am sorry to hear there is an issue with spam whilst using Sporcle. In the immediate future I have not the time to commit to investigating the possibility of transferring puzzles to the blog, but long term it is something I will look into. Under the heading of Challenges to the Reader I have a variety of quizzes and puzzles available on my blog already.


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