#MurderEveryMonday Theme List

This page contains a handy list which shows which theme is allotted to each week for the social media photo sharing activity: #MurderEveryMonday. Not sure what this is? Click the link to my post which explains what it is all about.


13th – Love (Hearts / Couple / Wedding / Kiss / Romantic Scene / Something related to Valentines Day)

20th – Cover with a pet on (The pet in question does not necessarily need to be a cat or dog, but I would steer away from wild animals such as polar bear. Although if there is a crime fiction novel involving a character who has a pet polar bear then prove me wrong!) [The 20th is Love Your Pet day]

27th – Cover with a police officer on


6th – Cover with a boat or ship on.

13th – Cover related to Ireland (Celtic cross / Irish Flag / Shamrock / Scene which takes place in Ireland / Any other Irish symbol / A green cover) [This theme was chosen as it is St Patrick’s on the 17th]

20th – Cover with a library or study on

27th – Cover with a theatrical theme (Theatre / Playbill / Script / Actor / Footlights etc.)


3rd – Book which has the word ‘death’ in the title

10th – Easter Monday (Chicks / Lambs / Cross / Hot cross buns / Easter eggs / Church etc.)

17th – Cover with a gun on

24th – Cover with a bloodstain (Preferably not a real one!)


1st – Cover with fog or mist on

8th – Anything royal on the cover (King / Queen / Crown / Palace / Other Symbols of a Monarchy) [This theme was chosen as it is King Charles III coronation on this day]

15th – Cover with a doctor or nurse on

22nd – Cover with a skeleton on

29th – Cover with footprints on

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