The Christie Cover Quiz is Back!

Back in 2017 I did the first Christie Cover Quiz, which you can access here. In that quiz I had searched the internet for various covers of Agatha Christie novels, but in different languages. The aim of the game was to guess which titles the covers were for. There was also an extra challenge to see if you could identify the language the cover is in. Some of the participant answers to this quiz were amusing, (you know who you were lol), and lately I was inspired to create a second edition of the quiz. The task is the same, but the covers are not. Hilarious attempts at answering are desirable but optional.

Share your answers below, and I will put up the answers next week. The covers come from all around the globe, and in two cases I have edited the covers to remove the English translation, (as that would have made it a little too easy!) There’s no shame in having a sneaky go with google translate, though some of the translations are rather peculiar, (so it may not help you, but it will at least provide you with further entertainment!)

Good luck!

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4

Cover 5

Cover 6

Cover 7

Cover 8

Cover 9

Cover 10

Cover 11

Cover 12

Cover 13

Cover 14

Cover 15 (Clearly the artist had not read much of the book…)

Cover 16

Cover 17


  1. I am going to take some time googling the titles. The arabic ones sound difficult, I don’t think I could type it. The one in Hindi was easy – one, two buckle my shoe.😁 Rest of the answers tomorrow. 😉

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  2. 1: The Seven Dials Mystery/French

    2: The Mystery of the Blue Train/Finnish?

    3: It’s definitely swedish. And since “Dolken fran Tunis” means “The Dagger from Tunis” my guess is Roger Ackroyd.

    4: It’s spanish. And since the Cover shows a gun in a pool of water I say it’s the Hollow.

    5: Based on the Cover art my guess would be Sittaford Mystery. I can only guess the language: Japanese?

    6: It’s Italian. But I have no idea which title.

    7: The Moving Finger/German

    8: Death on the Nile/Arabic?

    9: Given that the woman wears a red Kimono, I think i’s Orient Express. Maybe Russian?

    10: One, two, buckle my Shoe/No idea which language

    11: It should be Polish. As for the book, my guess is Endless Night, because there are planes of cover, and Michael speculated in Endless Night that Ellie’s american family could arrive by plane without taking much time.

    12: ?

    13: Arabic maybe. And since the cover art shows some poisoned tea or coffee, maybe Sad Cypress?

    14: ?

    15: Death in the Clouds/French

    16: Pocket Full of Rye/Hungarian?

    17: ?

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  3. Hrm. You shouldn’t have named the images the way you did. 🙂

    Luckily, I realised it after the first two and didn’t cheat after that. (And no. 1 was easy enough to get without any clues.)

    1. Seven Dials – France (no Google translate help)
    2. Blue Train – Estonia
    3. Ackroyd – Sweden (of course)
    4. Hollow – Spanish? (no Google translate help)
    5. Sittaford? – Chinese? (no Google translate help)
    6. Edgware – Italian (no Google translate help)
    7. Moving Finger – German (no Google translate help)
    8. Death on the Nile? – Arabic? (no Google translate help)
    9. Orient Express – Greek
    10. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe? – Hindi? (no Google translate help)
    11. There Is a Tide – Polish
    12. Towards Zero – Indonesian
    13. Black Coffee? – Persian (no Google translate help)
    14. 4.50 From Paddington? – Romanian
    15. Death in the Air – French (no Google translate help)
    16. ??? – Vietnamese
    17. The House of Dreams – Hungarian (no Google translate help)

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    • What problem was there with the naming of the images? Was it unclear in some way? Happy to rectify matters if it is confusing people.
      Though you seem to have made fast work of the quiz, although you’ll have to see how well you did next week when the answers go up!

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      • If you right click on the images and choose to view them separately, the link you get in the URL field in the web browser gives you the name of the image, which seems to be the name of the book and the language. 🙂

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  4. 1 – Seven dials (french)
    2 – ?
    3 – ?
    4 – The Hollow? Spanish title is “blood in the pool” so it fits
    5 – cards on the table??
    6 – Lord Edgware dies? (title seems something like “my husband is dead” and it’s Poirot)
    7 – The Moving Finger – I don’t speak any German but I think the typewriter makes it clear
    8 – Death on the Nile?
    9 – Orient Express – that kimono!
    10 – 1, 2, Buckle my shoe
    11 – Peril at End House? My other thought was N or M? but the planes don’t appear in that one
    12 – Towards Zero (if you look closely the sign says “lift out of order”)
    13 – 5 little pigs? he was an artist and there are colours… tenuous
    14 – Sleeping murder – those gloves! (and I think it says something like “a crime without a corpse” which fits)
    15 – Death in the clouds…
    16 – Murder is Easy? (I think there was a bird) or Endless Night? (architecture)
    17 – Silent witness? (it’s def. Poirot, and there’s a dog…)

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  5. 1. The Seven Dials Mystery
    2. 4:50 from Paddington
    3. Destination Unknown
    4. The Hollow
    5. The Sittaford Mystery
    6. Lord Edgware Dies
    7. The Moving Finger
    8. Death on the Nile
    9. Murder on the Orient Express
    10. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
    11. N or M?
    12. The Man in the Brown Suit
    13. The Mysterious Affair at Styles
    14. Sleeping Murder
    15. Death in the Clouds
    16. Endless Night
    17. The ABC Murders

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  6. Solution: The language is mentioned at the end in brackets.

    1. TSDM (French)
    2. TMOTBT (Estonian)
    3. TMORA (Swedish)
    4. TH (Spanish)
    5. TSM (Chinese)
    6. LED (Italian)
    7. TMF (German)
    8. DOTN (Arabic)
    9. MOTOE (Greek)
    10. OTBMS (Marathi)
    11. TATF (Polish)
    12. TZ (Indonesian)
    13. TMAAS (Arabic)
    14. SM (Romanoan)
    15. DITC (French)
    16. EN (Vietnamese)
    17. WTLL and other stories (Hungarian)


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