The Christie Cover Quiz (2) – Answers

Last week I set you all a quiz to test your little grey cells. For question contained a cover for an Agatha Christie title and all you had to do was decide what title was being shown. The hard part was that none of the covers were in English. If you have not had a chance to give it a go here’s a link to it.

So as promised here are the answers. How many did you get correct?

Cover 1 – The Seven Dials Mystery (1929) (French)

Cover 2 – The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928) (Estonian)

Cover 3 – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926) (Swedish – The title in this language has been changed to The Dagger from Tunis)

Cover 4 – The Hollow (1946) (Spanish)

Cover 5 – The Sittaford Mystery (1931) (Chinese)

Cover 6 – Lord Edgware Dies (1933) (Italian – This cover probably wins second prize, for the most un-apt illustration)

Cover 7 – The Moving Finger (1943) (German)

Cover 8 – Death on the Nile (1937) (Arabic)

Cover 9 – Murder on the Orient Express (1934) (Greek – I found this an intriguing cover as it depicts one of the red herring clues)

Cover 10 – One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (1940) (Marathi)

Cover 11 – Taken at the Flood (1948) (Polish – I think the cover is depicting the air raid which is supposed to take place at the start of the book)

Cover 12 – Towards Zero (1944) (Indonesian)

Cover 13 – The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920) (Arabic – I think this was the hardest cover to crack as it has very limited cover art)

Cover 14 – Sleeping Murder (1976) (Romanian – A literal English translation of the Romanian title to this book is The Mystery of Murder Without a Corpse)

Cover 15 – Death in the Clouds (1935) (French – This cover wins first prize for the most un-apt cover. I don’t think the artist read too much of the book…)

Cover 16 – Endless Night (1967) (Vietnamese)

Cover 17 – While the Light Lasts and Other Stories (1997) (Hungarian – This was the hardest title for me to figure out, as the Hungarian title literally translates as The Litters Home. Not a Christie title I had come across before lol So I had to then translate a synopsis for the book, which gave me the name of a key character from one of the stories. A little more googling and I had tracked down the title. The cover art is not particularly helpful either, so well done if you guessed this one correctly!)


  1. The Hungarian title means “The House of Dreams”, nothing else (which is understandable, since that is the name of one of the stories in the collection). Google Translate should not be trusted in some instances. ๐Ÿ™‚

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