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Inspiration for this quiz goes to Lucy Fisher in the Golden Age Detection Facebook group, who asked fellow members to guess which Christie title this cover was for:
Image may contain: 2 people, textBit of a sneaky one as although it is for Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (1934) the translation uses the American title The Boomerang Clue. So for my quiz I have scoured the internet for Christie covers in different languages and the name of the game is unsurprisingly to guess which titles the covers are for. An additional challenge is for you to also guess which language they are in.

So if you fancy a go add your answers to the comment section below. The answers will go up next week. Fancy another Christie cover quiz? Try this one I made from last year.

Cover 1

ac-pic-1Cover 2


Cover 3


Cover 4


Cover 5


Cover 6


Cover 7


Cover 8


Cover 9


Cover 10


Cover 11


Cover 12


Cover 13


Cover 14


Cover 15


Cover 16


Cover 17


Cover 18


Cover 19


Finally there is cover picture. It is meant to be a Christie title translated into Urdu. Unfortunately though I can’t seem to find out which title it is meant to be, my Urdu is a little rusty. So if anyone with a smattering of Urdu can find out for me if it is a Christie and if so which one that would be great.

N. B. Update: As you can see in the comments section below Santosh has solved the mystery, though unfortunately it does mean this is not a Christie cover.
Image result for urdu agatha christie novels


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18 Responses to Christie Cover Quiz

  1. ravenking81 says:

    3. French – The Man In The Brown Suit
    4. German – Hickory, Dickory, Dock
    7. German – Three Act Tragedy
    8. Spanish – Murder At The Vicarage
    9. Spanish – Three Blind Mice
    13. Portuguese – Elephants Can Remember
    17 Swedish or Norwegian perhaps – The Crooked House
    18. Russian – Nemesis

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  2. ravenking81 says:

    1. A Caribbean Mystery? Since the translation of the French title would be “The major talked a lot”

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  3. ravenking81 says:

    2. French – The Clocks
    10. Turkish – The Secret Adversary? (I’m going simply by the cover image here. Could that be Tommy and Tuppence?)

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  4. JJ says:

    Some loose translating, some frank guesses…

    1: A Caribbean Maystery
    2: The Clocks
    3: The Man in the Brown Suit
    4: Sad Cypress
    6: Peril at End House
    7: Sparkling Cyanide
    8: Murder at the Vicarage
    10: The Secret Adversary
    13: Elephants Can Remember [a genuinely brilliant cover]
    14: Battleship Head Lady and the Mystery of the Terrible Ear-Rings
    19: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

    Nice idea, will be interested to see the answers!

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  5. Santosh Iyer says:

    1 ACM
    2 TSM
    3 TMITBS
    4 SC
    5 SM
    6 TH
    7 TAT
    8 TMATV
    9 TBM
    1O TSA
    11 ATTWN
    12 APFOR
    13 ECR
    14 DOTN
    15 PAEH
    16 TBITL
    17 CH
    18 N
    19 OTBMS

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    • Santosh Iyer says:

      The last one is the cover of Jonk Ki Wapsi (The Leech Returns) by the famous Urdu writer Ibn-e Safi.

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      • Hooray on the one hand that the mystery is solved but booo on the other hand that google lied to me and implied it was an Agatha Christie book. Oh well least I can sleep easy tonight. Glad I didn’t put it in the quiz now!


  6. ravenking81 says:

    5. Okay, this is a long shot, but this image reminds me of “Sleeping Murder”.

    12. Equally dubious is my solution to this one: “A Pocket full of Rye” . Since the German title would be “Das Geheimnis der Amsel” (that black bird on the cover). Czech or Polish?

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  7. John says:

    Translating some of them provides a title that is so bland it’s of no help at all. As in #16 and #14. Here are my guesses, a combination of using Google translate, using the illustration as a clue, and my not so reliable memory bank:

    Skipping over the French, Spanish and Russian titles I added the languages of those that are not so easily recognized.

    1 “The Major Talked Too Much” is of no help to me. Neither is the emerald earring or the bloody stilletto.
    2. The Clocks
    3. The Man in the Brown Suit
    4. Hickory, Dickory Death (first boring German title using a poison)
    5. Sleeping Murder (Czech)
    6. “Fatal Weekend” – this could be anything! How about The Hollow. The rifle crosshairs on the victim is all wrong if that’s correct. Are there any murders by rifle shot that occur over a weekend? (Finnish)
    7. Three Act Tragedy/Murder in Three Acts (second boring German title using a poison)
    8, Murder at the Vicarage
    9. Three Blind Mice
    10. The Secret Adversary (Turkish)
    11. And Then There Were None – based on illustration alone (Finnish)
    12. A Pocketful of Rye. This one I guessed before I translated it and I know it’s right. So proud of myself. (Polish)
    13. Elephants Can Remember (Portuguese)
    14. “She Followed” – could it be They Came to Bagdad? (Norwegian)
    15. “Creeping Death” – The Moving Finger, maybe? Generic illustration is of no help (Norwegian)
    16. “Death of a Dancer” – my guess is Sparkling Cyanide (Dutch)
    17. Crooked House (Swedish)
    18. Nemesis
    19. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe – illustration is a big help

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    • Very fine effort. And I agree some of the titles choices such as cover 1 are a little on the prosaic side.


    • Jutta says:

      John, you’re right, Kohtalokas viikonloppu (Fatal Weekend) is the Finnish translation of the Hollow. The picture does not help, though. It looks like a man who is being shot at on a golf course.

      Eikä yksikään pelastunut is And Then There Were None, but here the illustration helps.

      Is the first one A Caribbean Mystery?


  8. Santosh Iyer says:

    Hint for 2: The English translation of the French title is Five Hours Twenty Five. In which novel does the time 5.25 have significance ?


  9. Solid gold, I loved this quiz. and longing to read Battleship Head Lady and the Terrible Earrings.

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