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Death of a Doll (1947) by Hilda Lawrence

I have been having quite the Hilda Lawrence-fest this year and have read considerable amount of her output. Though in fairness that isn’t too hard a job to do as she only wrote 4 novels and 2 novellas. Death of … Continue reading

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Duet of Death (1949) by Hilda Lawrence

This is my second encounter with Hilda Lawrence, though today’s read is a collection of two novellas by her: Composition for Four Hands and The House. Composition for Four Hands Lawrence, like Celia Fremlin, knows how to setup her stories … Continue reading

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Birthday Books

A couple of days ago it was my birthday, (I’m so glad there’s a social convention of not being allowed to ask a woman their age), which of course means some new additions to my TBR pile. So I thought … Continue reading

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601st Blogging Milestone Reached!

So, yeah, this was supposed to be my 600th post, but unfortunately my zeal to sign up for Bev’s latest 2018 reading challenge meant I forgot I was supposed to post this post first. Oops! So instead this is my … Continue reading

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Blood Upon the Snow (1944) by Hilda Lawrence

One technique which I have found quite helpful for finding new reads/authors is to search online for specific book imprints and in the case of Amazon seeing what other titles are suggested. Whilst this does not bode well for my … Continue reading

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