With such a blog post title you may be panicking that I am going to encourage you all to start murdering someone to kick off your week, and who has that sort of time on a Monday morning? However, you may breathe a sigh of relief, as instead I am going to share about a new activity you can take part in.

Cover of Murder Every Monday by Pamela Branch. It shows a man in a bowler hat and suit surrounded by dead bodies, which he has shot dead with a gun. There is some crime scene tape across the bottom of the image.

So what is #MurderEveryMonday all about?

Put simply, the plan is for readers to take a photo of a crime fiction book (novel or short story collection) which meets a given week’s theme criteria and to then share it online, using the hashtag #MurderEveryMonday. The aim is for it to be something which is quick and easy to take part in and of course fun! One of my hopes for the activity is that it will help us to all come across writers and books which we might otherwise not have heard of.

Where should I share my photo?

To begin with I am going to start on Twitter (@ArmchairSleuth) and Instagram (armchair_sleuth1920), as I have accounts there already. However, I would be open to other suggestions.

When should I share my photo?

Duh! Clue is in the hashtag!

How will I know which theme to post for each week?

There is a page on my blog which contains a list of each theme (with added pointers/suggestions on how you can interpret it) and which week that theme is running. I have planned themes until the end of May. If there is sufficient interest to keep going, I will add further themes to the page, and you are welcome to suggest any you are particularly keen on. Also, when I post my own #MurderEveryMonday photo I shall include the theme in the message.

When does #MurderEveryMonday start?

The first #MurderEveryMonday will be on the 13th February so you have a week to get exploring your bookshelves and finding some great covers.

What if I am rubbish at taking photos?

Join the club! There is no need to stress or worry about your photo quality.

Are there any restrictions on which crime fiction books I can use?

Whilst I am a huge fan of classic crime fiction, and I am sure my own #MurderEveryMonday choices will be heavily influenced by this, I decided in the end that there wasn’t going to be a publication date restriction. So, whether you take a snap of a favourite Fontana edition of an Agatha Christie novel, or share a photo of the latest Richard Osman mystery, all are allowed – as long as they fit the theme for that week. Mystery writers can post a photo of one of their own works, but please do so considerately. The book cover really does need to fit the theme and I would resist the urge to share your entire back catalogue every single week.

Do I have to take part every week?

No. Pick the weeks which suit your book collection best.

Do I have to have read the book I am taking a photograph of?

With it being a weekly thing, fortunately you do not. The book needs to be in your possession (i.e., not a Google image search result), but it can be borrowed from a friend or a library.

Do I need to write a blog to take part?

No, being a blogger is not a prerequisite. You just need access to Twitter or Instagram. If you are a blogger and you share a photo of a book which you have reviewed on your blog, then feel free to add a review link to your tweet or Instagram post.  

I hope this answers most questions, but if you have any others do let me know in the comments below.


  1. Unfortunately over the past several years I’ve gradually given away most of my paperback mysteries as I’ve purchased them on Kindle (though I still have my Tom Adams Agatha Christie covers) but this is a great idea.

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