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They Came to Baghdad (1951) by Agatha Christie

Thrillers were never Christie’s strongest writing suit but I think this is one of her better ones. It begins well with a good opening, slowing revealing character and place. The external appearance of these are soon shown not to be … Continue reading

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Murder in Pastiche (1955) by Marion Mainwaring

Metafiction and pastiches are definitely a form of the mystery genre I am keenly drawn to, having loved Leo Bruce’s Case for Three Detectives (1936). So I was quite excited when I came across this title on Curtis Evans’ blog … Continue reading

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Death in the Clouds (1935) by Agatha Christie

Another Christie re-read today on the blog. As the title suggests the book opens with a flight between Paris to Croydon. Our favourite Belgian sleuth is on board, which is a good thing, considering that by the time the plane … Continue reading

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Dumb Witness (1937) by Agatha Christie

Today finds me doing another re-read, though ironically because I had the ITV TV adaptation of the book stuck in my head, the ending turned out slightly differently than I was expecting. Not a bad thing. Always had a slight … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie and Archaeology (1999) ed. By Charlotte Trumpler

I was intrigued by the topic of this collection of essays: namely Agatha Christie, her husband Max Mallowan, Detective Fiction and Archaeology and the cross overs between them all. The first two chapters, written by Janet Morgan and Henrietta McCall … Continue reading

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Cats and Crime: An Eclectic Exploration of the Darker Side to Cats in Early Mystery Fiction

Nowadays, cats can regularly be found in mystery fiction, often in, but by no means limited to, what is now termed ‘cosy’ crime. There are felines who assist their owners in solving crimes, such as in the Mulgray Twins’ No … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie and one of her Toughest Critics

Yesterday on the blog I shared some of my favourite snippet reviews from The Saturday Review magazine on classic crime fiction (in their feature: The Criminal Record). But eagle eyed readers may have noticed that my last post didn’t mention … Continue reading

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Book of the Month: May 2017

Only a smidge late with my roundup of last’s month mystery fiction reading – hopefully somewhere in the world it is still the 31st May. I managed to read 13 novels this time, as well as Sam Naidu’s collection of essays … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Bloggers: Helen’s Month: Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder (1976)

Earlier last month one of our founder Tuesday Night Bloggers members, Helen Szamuely, died and as a tribute to her the Tuesday Night Bloggers are featuring posts this month on some of her great interests in life: Europe, History and … Continue reading

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Continental Crimes (2017) ed. by Martin Edwards

Source: Review Copy (British Library) This is the latest short story collection issued by the British Library and should be available in June. All of the stories unsurprisingly are connected by the common dominator of being set on the Continent. … Continue reading

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