Reprint of the Year Award 2021 – The Launch

It is the first Saturday of December which means that it is time to launch the Reprint of the Year award. If you have not come across this award before, (as unlike the Oscars it is not televised – and yes the thought of the ROY awards being televised in my sitting room with my cat, does make me laugh), then this is what it is all about…

The number of publishers reprinting vintage mysteries is on the increase, meaning us lucky devotees are getting access to more and more of the books and authors we want to try. When coming up with a list of possible titles, (to help participating bloggers make their tricky nomination choices), I was stunned to realise that I had compiled a list of over 100 titles (and I am sure I probably missed some too!). Think about it – over 100 classic crime reprints in 12 months – that is quite an astonishing figure! Consequently, with so many novels and short story collections on offer, it can be hard to pick out the very best, which is where the Reprint of the Year Awards come in. Before you begin to imagine the swank of the Oscars, with beautiful dresses, smart tuxedos and red carpets, let me bring you back down to earth as to how the humbler Reprint of the Year Awards is going to work…

Like last year the awards will unfold in four stages…

11th December

Next Saturday me and 11 other bloggers…

AidanMysteries Ahoy

BevMy Reader’s Block

BradAh Sweet Mystery Blog

HayleyDesperate Reader

JanetFrom First Page to Last

John NorrisPretty Sinister Blog

JohnCountdown John’s Christie Journal

KarenKaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings

MoiraClothes in Books

Puzzle DoctorIn Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

RekhaThe Book Decoder

… will begin by sharing our first nomination for the award, putting forward our reasons for why you should vote for our nominee. This title has to be a reprint published this year and not a title released for the first time.

I will be posting later, on this day and on the 18th, as I will be gathering in links to everyone else’s nominations, so you can track them all down more easily.

18th December

On the following Saturday we will reveal our second choices.

19th December

I will set up a poll for this award, listing the 24 titles my fellow bloggers and I have chosen, as well as 3 readers’ choices (more on that later). At this stage you will then be able to vote for your favoured titles.

30th December

As the year draws to a close I will reveal the results of the poll, announcing the title which has won the accolade of Reprint of the Year!

Note: Black tie is not mandatory, though if you wish to dress up to read the results post then don’t let me stop you!

If you’ve been reading carefully you will have noticed that I have mentioned that the poll will include 3 texts which are chosen by you guys. So if there is a mystery reprint which has been released this year, which you’ve loved put it in the comments section below this post. If someone has already mentioned a title you love, then please do still second it or repeat it, as I will be selecting the 3 readers choices using a random name generator. Yet if a title has more than one recommendation, (from different people of course), then they will get extra entries added to the generator.

Important: When adding a nomination in the comments below, it would be really helpful if you could, in brackets, include the name of the publisher who reprinted them. If you’re at all unsure about whether a title is eligible feel free to check.

Any questions or queries let me know and of course may the best book win!


      • Time for the annual comment from Malmö, Sweden. I have several nominations this year.
        John Dickson Carr: Till Death Do Us Part (BL) and The Plague Court Murders (AMC/ Otto Penzler).
        Anthony Berkeley: Murder in the Basement (BL) and The Wintringham Mystery (Harper Collins)
        Craig Rice: Eight Faces of Three (AMC)

        I’m sure most of these will be nominated by bloggers, but can’t ignore reprints of old favourite authors.

        My less obvious nominations are Seven Clues in Search of a Crime by Bruce Graeme (Moonstone Press), Measure for Murder by Clifford Witting (Galileo Publishers), The Invisible Host by Gwen Bristow and Bruce Manning (Dean Street Press)

        Sorry about that, got a bit carried away. Greetings from Christina

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  1. My top nominee is also my favorite to win this year, Masahiro Imamura’s Death Among the Undead. Mabel Seeley’s The Listening House should be one of the top contenders for the title, but, somehow, the reprint has gone largely unnoticed.

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  2. I nominate the following;
    1. TILL DEATH DO US PART by J.D.Carr (BL)
    2. THE INVISIBLE HOST by G.Bristow & G.Manning (DSP)
    3. DEATH AMONG THE UNDEAD by Masahiro Imamura (LRI)

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  3. Kate, Death Among the Undead appears to have been first published in English in 2017. Anyway surely it is too modern to be suitable for the poll. Does Lorac’s Two-Way Murder count? Not a reprint but it must be the most important publication. I’ve not read the book but The Wintringham Mystery by Anthony Berkeley must be the reprint of the year if nothing else because of the original edition’s extreme scarcity and the importance of the author to the genre of crime fiction

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  4. Yep, it’s got to be The Wintringham Mystery for me as well, simply because I’ve read nearly every Berkeley there is but I’ve never even seen a copy of the original after over 40 years of looking.

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  5. Fantastic idea of award! I discovered you through Karen’s post.
    And I have an awesome recommendation, that no one has nominated in the comments it seems: Rider on the Rain, by Sébastien Japrisot. First published in 1969, English translation republished by Gallic Books in July 2021 (UK) and September 2021 (US):
    And here is my enthusiastic review:

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    • Welcome to the blog! And thank you for the Japrisot recommendation. That reprint escaped my attention as I was not aware of Gallic Books. Always good to hear about new publishers, (well new to me at any rate). The premise for the Japrisot book, a cat and mouse type plot, sounds really good.

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  6. […] Today we’re doing it all over again, with our second and final nominations. Tomorrow I shall be putting the reader nominations into a generator online to randomly select three to include in the final poll. This poll will be going live tomorrow, and the results will be announced on the 30th December. So if you would like to make a suggestion you only have a short while to add your nominations, on this post. […]


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