Book of the Month: November 2021

Looking back at November, I think it is safe to say I reached an all-time low for total number of blog reviews, as I was only able to review 5 books. Interestingly, though perhaps not in a positive way, I definitely felt the reduction in reading impacted my mental wellbeing, so it just goes to show how important reading can be for coping with life’s challenges. Hopefully I will be able to increase my reading time back up this month.

I suppose the upside of having read fewer books is that it is easier for me to pick a book of the month. That accolade goes to Anthony Berkeley’s The Wintringham Mystery (1927), which was reprinted back in September. Berkeley delivers a puzzling country house mystery, with wonderful Wodehousian tones and I felt this was a good book for fans and novices to this author’s work. I’ve not seen any reviews of this title, so I look forward to finding out what others made of this story.

There is no travelling in to the past to look at previous Book of the Month winners in November, as I have come full circle now with that particular theme. Perhaps in another five years I might repeat the process.

If you are looking for a tantalising puzzle to exercise your little grey cells, then you might want to check out this post I put up in November: Murder Stalks the Village: Can You Spot the 36 Classic Crime Titles in this Deadly Village? It is a classic crime picture quiz inspired by the Hidden Books Game produced by National Book Tokens.

I also want to mention that on this Saturday I will be re-opening the Reprint of the Year Awards, so keep your eyes peeled for that post as it gives you the chance to offer your own nominations and it also will include all the key dates, including when the poll will open.

Finally, dare I tempt fate and share what books I hope to read this month?

There are many more I could name, but I don’t want to get too ambitious!

What titles have you enjoyed in November? And what books do you plan to read this month? Do you have any festive themed ones lined up?


  1. You have a nice selection of books there, Kate. I know what you mean, too, about the impact that (not) reading can have on one’s disposition. I hope December brings you lots of good reads. Funny you’d have chosen the Berkeley for your top read; I’ve recently read The Layton Court Mystery, and now you’ve got me interested in reading this one.


  2. My November crime reads included Later by Stephen King, To Kill a Cat by W.J.Burley, Definitely Deceased by Roderic Jeffries, Hangman’s Holiday by Dorothy L. Sayers. Currently rereading Death Has Deep Roots by Michael Gilbert


  3. I picked up an ebook Wintringham. Kinda dissatisfied with my current novel, so might give that a spin. My reading has been way down recently too, but that’s mostly just laziness. Glad ROY is back! Not sure I have read even one from this year. Always good to see the nominations (except Brad’s of course).


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  4. My November reading included Windsor Red by Jennie Melville (a link to another of your posts here, not only in the title but because the Queen makes a cameo appearance), Murder as a Fine Art by Carol Carnac, Mr Campion’s Falcon by Youngman Carter, The Book of the Dead by Elizabeth Daly, The Weight of Evidence by Roger Ormerod and Dr Thorndyke’s Dilemma by John H. Dirckx. Not planning on any specific seasonal reading in the coming months, although I shall listen to several of my Christmas-themed CDs.


  5. I forgot to mention one of my other November reads which is the best book I’ve read this year Frederick Forsyth The Outsider – a fascinating autobiography. It inspired me to read The Odessa File his second novel which I just happened to have got and was another excellent read


  6. I only read two books, a short story and a graphic novel for the month of November. Having finish a five hundred page I wasn’t going to read a lot of other books.


  7. Glad you liked Wintringham. I have had a mixed time with Berkeley but enjoyed that one.

    Two reads this month:

    (1) I just ordered the new Noel Vindry translation, Through the Walls, that is available. I liked The Howling Beast, Double Alibi and House that Kills so it is good to get another Vindry translation from Locked Room International.

    (2) Original Sin by Mary Monica Pulver will be my Christmas themed mystery this year. TomCat previously gave this a good review on his blog and it has been sitting on my avalanche of a TBR pile too long.

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