Book of the Month: July 2016

Book of the Month: July 2016

It’s been a rather mixed bag this month in terms of reading, with a few highlights such as Philip Macdonald’s The Noose (1930) and Michael Gilbert’s Death Has Deep Roots (1951). But there’s also been a lot of average or not that good reads. However, at least this made choosing book of the month a very easy task, with their being one clear winner which is…

The Sinking Admiral (2016) by The Detection Club.

The Sinking Admiral

Though there were 14 writers involved, the chapters blend seamlessly into one very entertaining and funny narrative, with one of my favourite lines being ‘Don’t! The way I’m going, I’ll be working till I drop, I’ll be the barmaid equivalent of Miss Havisham.’ The allusions to Golden Age detective fiction were also enjoyable and the satirising of Knox’s Decalogue was superb.

I also decided to have a non-fiction category for my book of month post this time as this month I read Megan Hoffman’s Gender and Representation in British ‘Golden Age’ Crime Fiction (2016), which was a great read and is a must for Golden Age detective fiction fans. She provides interesting readings of texts familiar to such fans and she has an engaging and enjoyable writing style. What more could you ask for?


Over to you

What has your favourite read been this month?


  1. This whets my appetite to read ‘Sinking Admiral’, which I’m suspecting a friend will be getting for me as a birthday present… So I’ve delayed getting my hands on a copy. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to your review of June Wright’s second novel.

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  2. My favourite read of the month was “The Human Flies” by Hans Olav Lahlum, a book I wouldn’t have discovered without this blog, so thank you for the recommendation!

    The Sinking Admiral is already on my wishlist too.

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