Death Paints a Picture: July Theme Vote

It is the end of the month so firstly that means it is time to announce the theme for June’s Death Paints a Picture post and despite dogs being cited as the most likely winner, this category actually came in last, alongside policemen. Instead the fight for first place was between scholastic settings and summer holidays and in the end with a 7 point lead, scholastic settings won.

The Death Paints a Picture series was started on the blog in January and in case you are new to this series, in these posts I plan to look at (mostly vintage) cover art for mystery novels and each time there will be a specific focus. If you want to catch up on the series so far here are the previous post themes:

January: Cats

February: Artistic Equipment

March: Modes of Transport

April: Musical Instruments

May: Time Pieces

Like the previous votes you have five options to choose from, many of which came from blog readers. If you have any other ideas for themes let me know in the comments below, as I can always use some extra themes to put on to my list.

Finally, apologies to those who have been adding their comments to the polls themselves, rather than the blog post. I haven’t been ignoring you! I have only just realised that the polls have a comment function.

One comment

  1. It must be me Kate but the winners of your polls recently in my opinion have all been the most boring subjects you’ve had on each of the lists. Can’t think of a single ‘scholastic’ cover I think is eye-catching except Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain but I am sure you will prove me wrong!


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