Death Paints a Picture: June Theme Vote

On the heels of my April round up post is of course my new poll to determine what theme I will be looking at in June’s Death Paints a Picture post. Firstly, the winning theme for May was Time Pieces, so keep your eyes peeled for a timely post on this subject.

The Death Paints a Picture series was started on the blog in January and in case you are new to this series, in these posts I plan to look at (mostly vintage) cover art for mystery novels and each time there will be a specific focus. If you want to catch up on the series so far here are the previous post themes:

January: Cats

February: Artistic Equipment

March: Modes of Transport

April: Musical Instruments

Like the previous votes you have five options to choose from, many of which came from blog readers. If you have any other ideas for themes let me know in the comments below, as I can always use some extra themes to put on to my list.



  1. I’m guessing ‘Dogs’ will win, plenty of excellent covers that feature them. Here are a few suggestions for your next poll: ‘Sport’ – there are many golf and horse racing mysteries for starters. ‘Books and bookshops/libraries’ – would tie-in with the forthcoming re-release of Death of a Bookseller. ‘Criminal hands’ there are lots of covers which feature a hand holding a gun or knife for instance, or you could have it just as ‘weapons’.

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    • Yes I have been mulling weapons over, but haven’t quite decided how best to do it, either as one large category or by separating it into smaller ones. Dogs has certainly got good odds for winning, but we’ll just have to see. but as you say there are no shortage of covers for that theme.


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