Reprint of the Year Awards 2019 – The Results!!!

Voting has now closed, and it is time to announce the all-important results for the 2019 Reprint of the Year Award. Given some of the big names included in the poll, I think it is safe to say that there has been much anticipation and speculation over who will be crowned the winner.

Initially there were 3-4 titles which were in poll position for first place, with only a vote or two putting them apart. However, within 48 hours one definitive winner began to make themselves known and then remained at the top of the leaders’ board for the remainder of the voting period. There is a 15 vote gap between first and second place and the gap increases to 24 votes if we look at the difference in votes between first and third place. Yet my interest stayed more with those texts jostling in the middle, as there were some titles which got very few votes to begin with, but soon crept up or in some cases leapt up the table. Overall there was a 14% increase in the number of votes cast and every title got at least one vote.

Results of course will be given in reverse order, though I imagine everyone has probably already scrolled down to see which title won.

The three titles which received the fewest votes, (i.e. 3 or less) were:

And now for the Top 10 titles…

In 10th place is…

This was one of my own nominations and I was pleased that it wasn’t just me who voted for this one.

In 9th place are…

In 8th place is…

In 7th place is…

For quite a while during the voting this title and Home Sweet Homicide were neck and neck for votes, until the latter title grabbed a couple more near the end.

In 6th place is…

This title is one of the texts that to begin with obtained few votes but then steadily got more.

In 5th place are…

Home Sweet Homicide is another title I would classify as a late bloomer, as initially votes for this title were few. Conversely Greene’s biography was one of the 3-4 titles which gained a lot of votes early on and looked like a contender for first place, but stalled mid-way through the voting period.

In 4th place is…

The fact one of my nominations made it into the Top 5 is a personal achievement for me as last year none of my nominations even made it into the Top 8.

In third place is…

In second place…

*cue the fireworks and fanfare* In first place with 21% of the vote, (a 2% increase on last year’s winner), and winner of Reprint of the Year (ROY) award 2019 is…

Oh, if I could see the Puzzle Doctor’s face now! If anyone hears a loud hooray from the South of England, then it’s probably him! Not that it isn’t justified, of course, as not only did Flynn obtain the much-coveted title of Reprint of the Year, but the Puzzle Doctor’s second nomination gained 2nd place and then to cap it all off another Flynn title took third. The Dean Street Press I hope will also be raising a cheer!

It really has been a fantastic year for reprints, as shown in the range of reprints nominated and then selected for the final poll, (which included works from 12 different publishers!) Fingers crossed 2020 will be another year of brilliant reprints, rich in diversity and high in quality! Let us know which titles you are looking forward to!


  1. I guess I’d better try reading Peacock’s Eye again . . . at least both my choices made the top ten! Funnily enough, I just received my copy of Home, Sweet Homicide! Oh, and Kate, I thought you told me Ken had been banned from your site . . . . . . . . .

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  2. Nice. I knew my Flynn pick would come in third. [grumble, grumble] All’s well that ends well! But as unsurprising as the end of a Carolyn Wells mystery. Someone who will never be nominated for this award…let alone win it.

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    • John, I presume that you are satisfied that two of the top three choices were basically unknown before PD brought them to our attention and–except for a very few libraries–unavailable before they were reprinted this year.


  3. Excellent Top 3 with a great choice for #1 not the least of which is due to the perseverance of the Puzzle Doctor to resurrect Brian Flynn. Well done.

    Thanks to you, Kate, as well as JJ, Dan, Tomcat, Puzzle Doctor, Moira, Bev, Brad, etc. who have introduced me to wonderful GAD books that I otherwise might never have enjoyed. Happy new year to all and best wishes for success in 2020.

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  4. Thank you to the organiser. This is a very worthy winner. I was also pleased to see Joan Cowdroy in the top 10, as women writers are so underrepresented
    Happy New Year to all GAD readers.

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