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Police at the Funeral (1931) by Margery Allingham

Today’s read is the 2nd Allingham novel, which was bestowed upon me by a friend and since I actually enjoyed the other one much more than I thought I would, I decided to dive into this one and see how … Continue reading

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Hot Off The Press: A look at CADS Magazine Issue 75

Regular readers of the blog will have gathered by now how big a fan I am of this magazine and my tendency to urge everyone to try it. One of the many strengths of this publication is its wide variety … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes in Context (2017) ed. by Sam Naidu

Source: Review Copy (Palgrave Macmillan) The Sherlock Holmes stories were my first real taste of detective fiction and I haven’t really looked back since, so I was excited to read this collection of essays on them. For fans of the … Continue reading

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The Case of the Mahjong Dragon and Other Russell Holmes Stories (2015) by James McEwan

Source: Review Copy It has been many years since I have read any Sherlock Holmes pastiches, so was interested in returning to this subgenre with today’s read. In this particular pastiche we have Russell Holmes as the central sleuth oddly … Continue reading

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The Adventuress (1917) by Arthur B Reeve

Source: Review Copy (Harper Collins) Arthur B. Reeve, as David Brawn intimates in his introduction to the Harper Collins reprint, was a household name during his writing career in the early 20th century. In particular he was well-known for his … Continue reading

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CADS Issue 74: The Highlights

When this issue of CADs (Crime and Detective Stories) magazine came out, unfortunately I was a bit too busy to post about it so I decided to do a post after I read it. I myself contributed an article introducing Robin Forsythe’s … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Bloggers: Favourite Sleuths First Outings

Regular readers will be aware that this month the Tuesday Night bloggers are looking at crime fiction firsts and so far we have had a great selection of posts with bloggers looking at first novels in series and their own … Continue reading

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The Valley of Fear (1915) by Arthur Conan Doyle and the Country House Mystery Novel

Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt Item: Fog/Mist The Sherlock Holmes stories were what got me into reading crime fiction, when I was at university, but I haven’t really returned to them since then. Prior to this review I had read all … Continue reading

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400th Post! Disguise in the Sherlock Holmes Canon: The Highlights

A couple of months ago I realised that I would soon be reaching my 400th post. Thankfully this idea quickly came to mind, having been inspired by the Tuesday Night Bloggers theme that month: Costumes in Crime. Although the Sherlock … Continue reading

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CADs 73: What’s in store this issue?

It feels like it was only yesterday that CADs 72 was landing on my doormat, but today issue 73 has arrived! Aside from my own rant (well thought out points) about Miss Pym in Tey’s Miss Pym Disposes (1946), this issue seems to … Continue reading

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