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Tuesday Night Bloggers: First Encounters

To kick the year off the Tuesday Night Bloggers are looking at crime fiction firsts this month. Already we have had posts looking at the origins of detective fiction, John Dickson Carr’s Dr Fell series and J. J. Connington’s first … Continue reading

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Deadly Dinner Parties

Spoiler warning: For readers who haven’t read Christie’s 4:50 from Paddington and Lord Edgware Dies I would avoid section one of this post. Not everyone is a fan of dinner parties. They can be incredibly stressful for the host and/or … Continue reading

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My Favourite Books of 2015

2015 is drawing to a close, so I decided to look at some of my favourite books that I have enjoyed the most this year. To avoid repetition I have discounted December as I shall also be doing a Book … Continue reading

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Lord Mullion’s Secret (1981) by Michael Innes

In similar way, as I was with Ngaio Marsh, I was surprised that Michael Innes (pseudonym for J. I. M. Stewart) was still publishing novels in the 1980s, more readily associating him with the Golden age era. I have already … Continue reading

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How and Why Crime and Comedy go together in Comic Crime (1987), ed. by Earl Bargainnier

As part of preparing a course on Golden Age crime, I’ve been dipping into critical secondary reading. Although prior to reading this book, I had certainly read funny detective novels, I had not really thought about what goes into making … Continue reading

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