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The Seventh Hypothesis (1991) by Paul Halter. Trans. John Pugmire

Today is Paul Halter’s 60th birthday and JJ over at The Invisible Event put a call out for posts on Halter’s work in order to celebrate it. Aside from contributing his own invaluable piece, he will also be collecting other … Continue reading

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The Crooked Hinge (1938) by John Dickson Carr

Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt Item: Broken Object Having read excerpts from pieces such as Stefano Serafini’s ‘Illusionism and Magic in the Golden Age Mystery’ (Linguæ &, Vol 14, No 1, 2015) and also some of Christie’s own thoughts on Carr … Continue reading

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Impossible Crime in the Highlands: Anthony Wynne’s Murder of a Lady (1931)

‘…this assassin kills, but remains invisible.’ Source: Review Copy Murder of a Lady (1931) was written by Anthony Wynne which was a pseudonym for Robert McNair Wilson, who a doctor, like his amateur sleuth, Doctor Hailey, who comfortably fits within … Continue reading

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A Fiendishly Set Puzzle in The Decagon House Murders (1987) by Yukito Ayatsuji

‘They are on that fateful island now. Ah well, what’s the worst thing that could happen there?’ Considering this is a novel which openly acknowledges its mirroring of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (1939), these words could definitely … Continue reading

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