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The Dutch Shoe Mystery (1931) by Ellery Queen

It has been a long time since I have read anything by Queen. In fact it has nearly been 2 years! I guess he has never been a favourite author and there have been so many other books and authors … Continue reading

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Murder on the Blackboard (1932) by Stuart Palmer

This is the 3rd Hildegarde Withers mystery and weirdly also my third read by Palmer. Palmer is said to have referred to his creation as a ‘meddlesome old battle axe,’ but I think she is the kind of old battle … Continue reading

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Murder in Stained Glass (1939) by Margaret Armstrong

I’ve been returning to a few familiar authors of late but today’s post concerns a new writer for me. I was especially interested in giving this book a go, as I have not read much by American golden age detective … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Bloggers: Punch with Care (1946) by Phoebe Atwood Taylor and the Battle of the Pen Names

Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hint Item: Green object Last month I had my first experience of Phoebe Atwood Taylor, but under another of her pen names, Alice Tilton and I thoroughly loved her novel The Iron Clew (1947), featuring series’ amateur … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Bloggers: The Rubber Band (1936) by Rex Stout

Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt: Just One Person I mentioned in my first TNB post on Rex Stout earlier this month of a key comparison which critics and readers alike have made between Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin with Mycroft/Sherlock Holmes … Continue reading

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The Cat Screams (1934) by Todd Downing

Source: Review Copy This is the second novel I have read by Todd Downing, the other being Murder on Tour (1933) and both feature series’ sleuth US customs agent Hugh Rennert. The Cat Screams (1934) is set in the town … Continue reading

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