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Crime Out of Mind (1956) by Delano Ames

This will probably be my final Ames review of the year and alas I am still on the hunt for a reasonably priced copy of She Wouldn’t Say Who (1957). Now that would be one heck of a charity shop … Continue reading

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Landscape with Corpse (1955) by Delano Ames

I’ve reviewed Ames’s work a lot this year, 6 times in fact and some of you may have been relieved when my progress was halted due to a dearth of reasonably priced copies for later books in the Jane and … Continue reading

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The Judge is Reversed (1960) by Richard and Francis Lockridge

Richard and Francis Lockridge’s Pamela and Jerry North series is one I have somewhat neglected. A couple of years ago I read the 14th novel in the series, Murder in a Hurry (1950), but finding it rather average I have … Continue reading

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Death By Appointment (1945) by James Corbett

Corbett is a mystery writer who is not well known today, though from 1929 to 1951 he published over 40 mystery novels. Although I didn’t spot any in this book, Corbett is meant to be remembered for his ‘spectacular misuse … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Blogger: A is for April… and Anything Goes: Accidental and Amateur Sleuths – What’s the Difference?

Ever keen to try something new, the Tuesday Night Bloggers have gone for a different type of theme this month: the letter A. Be it a book title, author, country or a more abstract theme; it all goes, as long … Continue reading

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Glass on the Stairs (1954) by Margret Scherf

Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt Item: Full Skeleton Rue Morgue Press have once again made it possible for me to try out a new author who is not well known. Born in America, Scherf’s writing career spanned from 1940-1978. Her mystery … Continue reading

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Forgotten but Fantastic Author, Delano Ames and Death of a Fellow Traveller (1950)

‘Who killed Blythe is not really very important… the important thing is… other people suspecting the wrong murderer…’ Delano Ames’ Jane and Dagobert Brown series has always been a favourite of mine and after quite a saga I have finally … Continue reading

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