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Tuesday Night Bloggers: Romance on the Big Screen

This month the Tuesday Night Bloggers are exploring love and its variation, as well as its consequences in crime fiction. Last week I delved into mostly golden age detective fiction to examine what suspects and criminals do in the name … Continue reading

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Saboteurs in a variety of guises in Hitchcock’s Sabotage (1936)

In a very loose way this film is based on Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent (1907) and the novel is unsurprisingly much stronger than the film. Conrad’s novel is one I particularly enjoyed studying at university as although from the … Continue reading

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A Poor Outing in Hitchcock’s Suspicion (1941)

Having read Francis’ Iles brilliant book, Before the Fact (1932), I was interested to see how Hitchcock adapted it and conveniently it was released in this month’s chosen year for Past Offences Monthly Challenge, 1941. ‘Some women give birth to … Continue reading

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Espionage Amateur Hour in Hitchcock’s Secret Agent (1936)

First things first, Hitchcock’s Secret Agent (1936) is not an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novel The Secret Agent (1907), a misconception I initially had, but is actually based on W. Somerset Maugham’s novel Ashenden (1928). I think Hitchcock did go … Continue reading

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