Book of the Month: December 2022

The first week of January has been a busy one, so I am only now finishing catching up on all my December blogging. I have been busy with the January Coffee and Crime boxes and I have also been knuckling down to do the final proof reading for my book, How to Survive a Classic Crime Novel, which is coming out in June. Not long until it goes to the printers!

The dreaded C struck last month so my reading total for December was quite small, only 8 books. Due to being poorly my reading focus changed for the month, so I ended up reading much less demanding modern mysteries in the main. Unfortunately, I think this had an adverse effect on the quality of my reading material. However, this did at least make it easy to pick a title to bestow upon the accolade of book of the month. There was one definite clear winner and that was…

I re-read Joan Coggin’s Dancing with Death (1947) for the 2022 Reprint of the Year of the awards, and I loved it as much as I loved it upon first reading. It was great to see this book make it into the top 10 of the award results, given how Coggin is not a well-known or well-read author in comparison to some of the other competing authors. If you want to find out what makes this such a great read, then here is a link to my nomination post.

 I am on to my third read of the year at the moment (although I won’t be talking about one of them until April – I was asked for a quote for the inside of the book, which is a nice first experience for me). I will hopefully be soon sharing a review of my first 2023 read. It was the last of my sick bed modern mysteries reading and I think I am probably going to have a minority view on it, given the rave reviews it is receiving online. It’s a shame when a book does not work out, but my third book is proving to be a great success so far and even better it is my book group read – so if nothing else at least one person at the meeting will have enjoyed it lol

I got a lot of interesting books over Christmas, which you can see in this post here, so it is going to be a hard task deciding what to read during the rest of the month. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop with too many tantalising options to choose from and so consequently end up wanting to read all of them at once! (If only I could do that!)

Which books are you looking forward to reading in January?


  1. I plan to read at least one of two books by Henry Wade which I got from the library: Lonely Magdalen and Heir Presumptive. I have high expectations!

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