Christmas Books 2022

In previous years I have shared the books I received at Christmas as gifts or have been bought as a gift to self using Christmas money. Since I have a decent haul, as they say, I decided to do such a post this year. If there any which you think should head the TBR pile then do let me know, hopefully there are not any duds. They are mostly crime fiction, but I have branched out a little this year with some non-mystery titles too. Do share in the comments below any books you have received this Christmas too.

I also wanted to take the chance to show everyone the book trolley that my husband made for me!

Anyways on with the books…

These first four were ones that I received from my secret Santa….

An initial survey of the titles suggests that my secret Santa has good taste in GAD fiction! I was especially pleased to get a copy of the Lewis book as I have been wanting to try this book for a while.

Here were the other books I received on Christmas Day…

The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito by Erle Stanley Gardner
The Case of the Lame Canary by Erle Stanley Gardner
One O’Clock at the Gotham by Rae Foley
This title particularly amused my husband who associates the word Gotham less with weddings (as in this book) and more to do with Batman. Don’t think he makes an appearance…
Twice in a Blue Moon by Patricia Moyes
The Feast by Margaret Kennedy
I have already read this book so it is already out of the TBR pile. This was a brilliant read which I can strongly recommend.

And finally here are the books I got with my Christmas money…

Blackstone Fell by Martin Edwards
Murder Most Familiar by Marjorie Bremner
She is a new to me author who I am keen to try.
The Poisonous Solicitor by Stephen Bates
Dead on Time by Clifford Witting
R in the Month by Nancy Spain.
After many years intending to try her work and then forgetting, I have finally made the crucial step of actually buying one of her books (does make reading her work that bit easier lol)
The Fairy Tellers by Nicholas Jubber
Remainders of the Day by Shaun Bythell.
Buying and shortly afterwards reading his series of books is definitely becoming a Christmas activity for me. One day I hope to visit his shop. Bizarrely the book was 50% cheaper on Waterstones if you bought the signed copy.
Once Upon a Tome by Oliver Darkshire


  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Murder Most Familiar – not one I’ve read, but I’ve always had a good experience with Moonstone Press in the past. This is the first year in living memory that I haven’t received ANY books for Christmas. An outrage that I am seeking to remedy by some Ebay splurging (-:

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    • My favourite find from Moonstone Press has been Bruce Graeme. I hope the Bremner book is good too.
      It is scandalous that you received no books for Christmas!! You should go on some kind of strike lol Hope you have a good splurge on Ebay.


  2. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Goldthwaite book. he’s another Under appreciated American writer, if not completely unknown. His daughter was delighted to see my review of Scarecrow on my blog. Also the Lange Lewis book is a corker, and a fave among the mystery bloggers because it’s relatively easy to find in that (at one time) ubiquitous paperback edition you have. But that’s nowhere near as superior to her first book Murder Among Friends. It’s criminal that book has not been reprinted. Happy Reading!

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  3. I’d be more thrilled with your haul and the TBR it’s given you if I didn’t see in there a book with exactly the title I’ve been using for one of my mystery WIP—and thinking I’d been quite clever coming up with it!

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    • Thank you! Hope your 2023 reading and writing is good too. Looking forward to enjoying your book now everything has calmed down, as the last few months have been hectic with moving into a new place.


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