Reprint of the Year Award 2022 – The Launch

It is the first Saturday of December which means that it is time to launch the Reprint of the Year award. I am quite surprised that fours year and the awards are still happening and that the number of votes is ever on the increase. If you have not come across this award before, then this is what it is all about…

A cat in a hard safety hat, presses a red launch button.

During the planning stages of the ROY, I put a list together of vintage mysteries which have been reprinted this year. This list is an aid for participating bloggers to choose from, as over the next two weeks, the bloggers listed below will be canvassing for your precious votes for their chosen reads. Last year I mentioned how this list was over 100 titles long. This year the list has swelled even higher, as it holds over 160 titles and as per usual I am sure I will be missing some. If there is any interest, I can post this list up on my blog, so you can see how many you have read.

Two minions boxing in a boxing ring.
The bloggers fighting it out over who will gets to nominate which books.

With so many novels and short story collections on offer, it can be hard to pick out the very best, which is where the Reprint of the Year Awards come in. Below are the key dates for each stage of the awards. Make sure to put them in your diary lol

As in previous years the awards will unfold in four stages…

10th December

Next Saturday me and 10 other bloggers…

Aidan – Mysteries Ahoy

Bev – My Reader’s Block

Brad – Ah Sweet Mystery Blog

Hayley – Desperate Reader

Janet – From First Page to Last

Jim Noy – The Invisible Event

John Norris – Pretty Sinister Blog

John – Countdown John’s Christie Journal

Karen – Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings

Puzzle Doctor – In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

… will begin by sharing our first nomination for the award, putting forward our reasons for why you should vote for our nominee. This title has to be a reprint published this year and not a title released for the first time.

I will be posting later, on this day and on the 17th, as I will be gathering in links to everyone else’s nominations, so you can track them all down more easily.

A gif from a Shaun the Sheep film or TV programme. It has some of the sheep and a pig lining up for a running race. Two of the sheep are wearing sporting vests.
The bloggers getting ready to chase down your votes for their nominations (bagsy I’m Shaun!)

17th December

On the following Saturday we will reveal our second choices.

19th December

I will set up a poll for this award, listing the 22 titles my fellow bloggers and I have chosen, as well as 3 readers’ choices (more on that later). At this stage you will then be able to vote for your favoured titles.

30th December

As the year draws to a close, I will reveal the results of the poll, announcing the title which has won the accolade of Reprint of the Year!

If you’ve been reading carefully, you will have noticed that I have mentioned that the poll will include 3 nominations which are chosen by my blog readers. So if there is a mystery reprint which has been released this year (paperback, e-Book, audio), which you’ve loved put it in the comments section below this post. Only submit your nominations to this post, not to any subsequent ROY posts. If someone has already mentioned a title you love, then please do still second it or repeat it, as I will be selecting the 3 readers choices using a random name generator. Yet if a title has more than one recommendation, (from different people of course), then they will get extra entries added to the generator.

Pusheen cat typing on a laptop.
Make sure you submit your nominations before the 19th!

Important: When adding a nomination in the comments below, it would be really helpful if you could, in brackets, include the name of the publisher who reprinted them. If you’re at all unsure about whether a title is eligible feel free to check.

Some much sought after titles have been reprinted this year, such as Death of Jezebel by Christianna Brand and some names which carry a lot of popularity, like John Dickson Carr, have also made an appearance in this year’s reprints. So I am really excited to see how the voting plays out, as last year’s voting showed us that just because you are the favourite to win, does not mean you are guaranteed first place.

Any questions or queries let me know and of course may the best book win!


  1. You’ve already mentioned Death of Jezebel, which would be my personal pick. I would also like to nominate The White Priory Murders by Carr (BL), and Death on Gokumon Island by Seishi Yokomizo (Vertigo).

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  2. The obvious choices this year: Green for Danger and Death of Jezebel by Brand and The Seat of the Scornful and The White Priory Murders by JDC (all BL)
    I would also like to nominate Dead on Time by Clifford Witting (Galileo books), Faculty of Murder by June Wright (Verse Chorus Press) and Death and Mary Dazill by Mary Fitt (Moonstone Press).
    Greetings from Christina in Malmö, Sweden

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  3. My three are:
    “Post after post mortem” by ECR Lorac, “Green for Danger” by Christianna Brand & “Final Acts” edited by Martin Edwards. Looking forward to see who wins.

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  4. As much as I loved both the Brand’s, they are sure to get many nominations. And while I liked (and was bemused by) Three Sisters Flew Home, I have to give my vote to Flynn’s Sharp Quillet (although since I read it in an old hardback edition and not the reprint, is my vote disqualified?). And I will need to plow through this list, see which I’ve hit and which need to go on the TBR!
    Thanks, Kate!

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    • Interesting seeing your thought processes for your decision making. Steve will be pleased with your Flynn suggestion. You don’t have to have the book the book this year, so it would not be disqualified. Heck people could nominate a book they haven’t even read, though why one would is a separate question…


  5. I should like to nominate

    Death and Mary Dazill by Mary Fitt

    Murder Most Familiar by Marjorie Bremner

    Casual Slaughters by James Quince (Black Heath)

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to organise this again. I certainly appreciate it.

    Although I am not nominating any of them, six John Rhode titles with intros by Curtis Evans were put out in Kindle editions in January this year by Mysterious Press. Would they count for this poll?

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    • Thank you for your nominations. And thank you for pointing me in the direction of some missing titles. I will check them out and add then in the coming week. As long as they have been reprinted this year, the format doesn’t matter nor where it was reprinted.


  6. I’ve only read 7 so can’t really cast an informed vote, but out of the ones I’ve read, I would choose The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey (Penguin). Looking forward to seeing the recommendations from those who have read more!

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  7. […] Today we’re doing it all over again, with our second and final nominations. On the 19th I shall be putting the reader nominations into a generator online to randomly select three to include in the final poll, which will go live the same day, and the results will be announced on the 30th December. So if you would like to make a suggestion you only have a short while to add your nominations, on this post. […]


  8. There are several QPQ novels newly in Kindle this year (no paper), under the Jonathan Stagge name. I nominate The Scarlet Circle and Murder By Prescription.

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