Book of the Month: August 2022

August was not a bad month of reading for me, clocking in 11 books. They are listed here below:

  1. Having a Wonderful Crime (1943) by Craig Rice
  2. Time to Change Hats (1945) by Margot Bennett
  3. Murder in Rockwater (1944) by Margot Neville
  4. The Honjin Murders (1946) by Seishi Yokomizo
  5. The Case of the Hanging Rope (1937) by Christopher Bush
  6. The Documents in the Case (1930) by Dorothy L. Sayers
  7. Beware of Railway Journeys (1923) by Frank Heller
  8. A Book of Murder (2022) by Victoria Dowd
  9. Nightmare Honeymoon (1963) by Rae Foley
  10. Crook o’ Lune (1953) by E. C. R. Lorac
  11. Murder in Mesopotamia (1936) by Agatha Christie

Looking at this group of mysteries, there has been a strong focus on female authors, as well as a smattering of non-UK and USA titles. My reading in August has taken me to 1940s Japan and Australia and has also introduced me to the work of Swedish author Frank Heller. Additionally, I was pleased that I managed to read four books (Rice, Yokomizo, Bush, and Foley) for my reading project looking at vintage crime fiction significantly featuring a wedding or honeymoon. Finally, on the blog in August I also reviewed a mystery themed card game and challenged my readers with a quiz on how well they spoke the slang of the 1920s. Answers can be found here in case you missed them.

Despite doing well on numbers, I am not sure the quality of my reading was always that high. Ratings, were unusually for me, more in the 3s rather than the 4s. However, to look on the bright side that at least made it easier for me to decide on who should receive the accolade of Book of the Month.

This month’s winner is a returning champion, having won in August 2020 and July 2021 and is Margot Bennett with Time to Change Hats (1945). Unlike many of her later books, this one has a more traditional narrative structure and voice, yet it still includes several odd items, such as a cow milking alibi and a criminally useful wasp nest. This story is great for social details of living during WW2, and I very much enjoyed the prose style and characterisation.

Although I am a bit behind on my blogging, I have got two reviews to write for my September reads and my current book is Cornell Woolrich’s Deadline at Dawn (1944). Other books I hope to read this month include Anthony Horowitz’s latest and Joan Fleming’s Every Inch a Lady (1977), as well as return to my vintage crime fiction wedding/honeymoon project. Hope you all have a good month of reading ahead of you!


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