How Well Do You Speak Flapper? Quiz Answers

At the beginning of August, I posted a quiz testing your little grey cells on the subject of 1920s slang, which you can read here if you haven’t already had the chance. The information for the quiz came from Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene’s Speak Flapper: Slang of the 1920s (2020).

So today I am going to put you out of your misery and reveal the answers to the quiz.

Question 1

Which of these terms is not slang for a chaperone?

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. Fire Bell [This was the only word which was not slang for chaperone. It is in fact a slang term for a married woman.]
  3. Fire Extinguisher

Question 2

At parties there are always going to be certain people you wish to avoid. Some of them are listed below. Match these undesirable partygoers to their correct definition.

a. Lallygagger – 4. Young male who is well known for trying to spoon in hallways.

b. Lens Louise – 1. Someone who monopolises a conversation.

c. Gimlet – 3. Someone who is habitually boring.

d. Finale Hopper – 2. Young male who turns up once the bills have been paid.

Question 3

Which food item refers to money?

  1. Cabbage [Correct answer!]
  2. Fish [Means either a college freshman or someone who is in prison for the first time.]
  3. Meringue [Means personality]

Question 4

Which of these terms does not refer to whiskey?

a) Noodle Juice [This was only word which was not slang for whiskey, referring to tea instead.]

b) Panther Sweat [This term for whiskey dates from 1925.]

c) Moonshine [This refers to homemade whiskey.]

Question 5

1920s slang had plenty of ways of describing people. Not all of them complimentary! Match the descriptors below to their less than positive meaning.

a. Cancelled Stamp – 4. Female wallflower

b. Airedale – 2. Plain looking man

c. Dingle Dangler – 3. Someone who keeps on telephoning you when you don’t want them to.

d. Flatwheeler – 5. Young man who has little money and therefore takes his dates to events which are free.

e. Flour Lover – 1. Woman who has too much makeup on.

Question 6

Which of these foods would a gold digger be most interested in meeting?

a) Berries [Means anything is pleasing, akin to the phrase bee’s knees.]

b) Peanut [Slang for a bomb!]

c) Egg [This is a term for a person who is ridiculously wealthy and has the luxurious lifestyle to go with it.]

Question 7

Which of these terms means someone is a good dancer?

a) Floorflusher [This term is only for someone who is obsessed with dancing, it does not indicate how good they are.]

b) Oliver Twist [This is the correct answer.]

c) Corn-Shredder [This is slang for a man who steps on his dance partner’s feet a lot.]

Question 8

Match the transport slang below to its correct meaning.

a. Cake Basket – 3. Limousine

b. Breezer – 1. Convertible car

c. Dimbox – 2. Taxi

d. Flivver – 4. Post 1928, this word referred to any car which was outdated/in poor condition.

Question 9

If you say you are going to iron one’s shoelaces, what are you going to do?

  1. Going to stay home tonight.
  2. Going to use the toilet. [This is the correct answer!]
  3. Going to go to bed.

Question 10

Finally, which of these means to make small talk?

  1. Souffle
  2. Powder
  3. Feathers [This is the correct answer!]

So how did you do? Are there any phrases you would like to use in everyday conversation now?


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