Through the Keyhole: Classic Crime Cover Quiz – The Answers

Earlier this month I set you, my dear readers, a new kind of pictorial quiz. There were 20 key hole images. Through each keyhole a snippet view of a book cover, for a classic crime novel, could be seen. You had to correctly identify the title for each cover. There was also a bonus task. The first letter of each title, when all 20 are combined, spelt out a classic crime novel written by a famous author. You didn’t need to rearrange the letters, as the order of the images, is the order of the letters that made up the mystery title. If you would like to have a go at the challenge then follow the link here.

However, if you want to check your scores then keep reading for the answers below…

Book No. 1 – The Invisible Host (1930) by Gwen Bristow and Bruce Manning

Book No. 2 – Have His Carcase (1932) by Dorothy L. Sayers

Book No. 3 – Evil Under the Sun (1941) by Agatha Christie

Book No. 4 – Seven Dead (1939) by J. Jefferson Farjeon

Book No. 5 – Evidence of Things Seen (1943) by Elizabeth Daly

Book No. 6 – Vultures in the Sky (1935) by Todd Downing

Book No. 7 – Eight Faces at Three (1939) by Craig Rice

Book No. 8 – Night of the Jabberwock (1950) by Fredric Brown

Book No. 9 – Death of a Doll (1947) by Hilda Lawrence

Book No. 10 – It Walks by Night (1930) by John Dickson Carr

Book No. 11 – A Question of Proof (1935) by Nicholas Blake

Book No. 12 – Love Lies Bleeding (1948) by Edmund Crispin

Book No. 13 – She Shall Have Murder (1949) by Delano Ames

Book No. 14 – Murder Gone Mad (1931) by Philip Macdonald

Book No. 15 – Your Turn, Mr Moto (1935) by John P. Marquand

Book No. 16 – Smallbone Deceased (1950) by Michael Gilbert

Book No. 17 – The Tiger in the Smoke (1952) by Margery Allingham

Book No. 18 – Enough to Kill a Horse (1955) by Elizabeth Ferrars

Book No. 19 – Rim of the Pit (1944) by Hake Talbot

Book No. 20 – You Only Live Twice (1964) by Ian Fleming

So how many did you get correct?

The bonus task title was Agatha Christie’s The Seven Dials Mystery.

I did have to resort to a James Bond novel at the end, as I unwisely saddled myself with a bonus mystery title which had two Ys in it. Not a good idea, as unsurprisingly there are not a lot of classic crime mysteries beginning with Y.

I hope you enjoyed putting your little grey cells to the test!


  1. I got 5 right, 2 wrong, and the rest were blanks. Even though this was without web searching or bookshelf peeking, it’s pretty lame. Thanks for the fun exercise!

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    • Well considering you did no internet searching, I think that’s pretty good. It depends how familiar you are with certain imprints’ artwork as being able to identify that helps with narrowing down your options.


      • Indeed. I recognized the Crispin title to be a fairly recent Crispin reprint, but picked the wrong title (My paperback copy of Love Lies Bleeding is from the 1980s). As to the Farjeon and Rice titles, I recognized the imprints but not the correct titles.

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