Murder Stalks the Village: Can You Spot the 36 Classic Crime Titles in this Deadly Village?

A few weeks ago I decided it would be a cool idea to make a classic crime version of the National Book Token Hidden Book Game. There was just one minor difficulty – I can’t draw. Or at the very least my artistic skills are sufficiently limited that they would have made this post the worst game of Pictionary ever! Fortunately, for you and me, my boyfriend knows how to wield a pen, so with his drawing abilities and my knowledge of classic crime titles we set to work!

Below is the final result. This village is as lethal as Midsomer and contains 36 clues. Each clue is for a classic crime title, (many of which feature a village in them). 35 of the titles are novels and one is a short story. Bigger locations like the country house, the church and village hall contain more than one clue. Sometimes the clues refer to the title itself or the author who penned it, whilst other clues refer to a key scene or object in the mystery.

If you are viewing this on a computer then you should be able to click on this image twice in order to get the ‘zoom in’ function. If you are on a phone you should likewise be able to zoom in. While I am happy for readers to discuss possible answers in the comments section below, I think it would be best, if you are submitting a full list of answers, to submit the comment in code e.g. ROT13 or use initials e.g. DOTN (which is Death on the Nile.) I felt this would make it easier for readers to navigate the comments section.

Answers will be posted next month. I hope you enjoy this puzzle!


  1. Znal jvyy cebonoyl qb zhpu orggre guna zr, ohg V’yy tvir fbzr n gel:

    – V’z fher nobhg “Svir Yvggyr Cvtf” ol Ntngun Puevfgvr (qrnq cnvagre jub cnvagrq gur cvtf)
    – Fjna Fbat ol Rqzhaq Pevfcva fubhyq nyfb or n ybpx
    – Naq gur fgrgubfpbcr, zbhfgnpur naq irtrgnoyr zneebj fubhyq or n ersrerapr gb Ebtre Npxeblq
    – Vf gur Zheqre ba gur Yvaxf gb boivbhf?
    – Gur qrnq jbzna jvgu gur pybgurf ba gur qelre pbhyq n ersrerapr gb “N Zheqre vf Naabhaprq”
    – Hc evtug gur fxv naq fxvobbgf pbhyq fgnaq sbe gur Fvggnsbeq Zlfgrel
    – Gur glcrjevgre pbhyq fgnaq sbe gur Zbivat Svatre

    Gurl ner cebonoyl abg nyy gehr naq V’z guvaxvat gb zhpu Puevfgvr. 😉 Ohg V’z cerggl pbasvqrag ng yrnfg nobhg gur svefg guerr.

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  2. V frr

    Fjna Fbat ol Pevfcva, Gur Zbivat Gblfubc ol Pevfcva, Fur Qvrq n Ynql ol Pnee, Biregher gb Qrngu ol Znefu, Gvrq hc va Gvafry ol Znefu, Fvggnsbeq Zlfgrel ol Puevfgvr, Zheqre ba gur Yvaxf ol Puevfgvr, Gur 4.50 sebz Cnqqvatgba ol Puevfgvr, Qrngu va gur Fgbpxf ol Urlre, Gur Zbivat Svatre ol Puevfgvr, Gur Zveebe Penpx’q ol Puevfgvr, Svir Yvggyr Cvtf ol Puevfgvr, Cbvfba va gur Cra ol Jragjbegu, Zheqre Vfa’g Pevpxrg ol Enqsbeq,

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  3. Fbzr nafjrefgung unira’g nyernql orra tvira, cyhf fbzr dhrevrf & bofreingvbaf:

    Zlfgrel Zvyr (Nyyvatunz), Gur Zbivat Gblfubc (Pevfcva), Gur Zlfgrel bs n Ohgpure’f Fubc (Zvgpuryy), Ohevrq sbe Cyrnfher (Pevfcva), Gur Unzzre bs Tbq (Purfgregba), Gur Zheqre ng gur Ivpnentr (Puevfgvr), Gur Pnfr bs gur Yngr Cvt (Nyyvatunz), Gur Pnfr bs gur Nobzvanoyr Fabjzna (Oynxr), Gvrq Hc va Gvafry (Znefu).

    Nygubhtu Qrngu va gur Fgbpxf znl or pbeerpg, jung’f fubja vf npghnyyl n cvyybel.

    V’z fher V’ir erpragyl ernq n oybt nobhg n zlfgrel vaibyivat na rvtugu obbx, ohg V pna’g cynpr vg.

    Pbhyq gur cbfgzna ersre gb Oenaq’f Terra sbe Qnatre?

    Vf Gur Ubhaq bs gur Onfxreivyyrf fubja ol gur qbt ba gur zbbef?

    Gur bayl zlfgrel vaibyivat pebdhrg gung V xabj bs vf N Ehfu Ba Gur Hygvzngr ol Xrngvat.

    Pbecfr va n ongugho – Gur Ernqre vf Jnearq? (jbhyq or n fcbvyre, gubhtu)

    Gur sbyybjvat ner jvyq thrffrf naq cebonoyl jebat: Zl Sbr Bhgfgergpu’q Orarngu Gur Gerr (Pyvagba-Onqqryrl), Gur Jnyy (Evaruneg), N Gnfgr sbe Ubarl (Urneq), Zheqre va gur Znmr (Pbaavatgba), Serdhrag Urnefrf (Pevfcva).

    Gunaxf sbe na rawblnoyr chmmyr.

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    • Yes there is only one short story and the JDC title you mention is not it.
      Thank you for taking part in the challenge. It has been fun looking at people’s ROT13 answers. Lots of correct answers, though the picture has not been fully deciphered yet.


  4. Fbzr zber thrffrf naq pbzzragf:

    Gur Pnfr bs gur Tvyqrq Syl (Pevfcva) sbe gur crefba qrnq ng gur betna.

    Gur Ceboyrz bs gur Terra Pncfhyr (Pnee) sbe gur crefba ng gur obggbz cvpxvat jung pbhyq or crnpurf (nygubhtu n zhpu orggre ivfhny pyhr sbe guvf jbhyq or ninvynoyr).

    Vs gur crefba va n jurrypunve jnf orvat chfurq bss gur pyvss, vg pbhyq or Zheqre vf Nofheq (ZpTree)…

    naq vs gur bcra obbxpnfr jnf pybfre gb gur pebdhrg trne vg pbhyq or Gur Erq Ubhfr Zlfgrel (Zvyar).


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