Tis the Season for the Coffee & Classic Crime Advent Calendar!!

It is the 1st October which means that for the next two months the Coffee and Crime Classic Crime Advent Calendar is available to purchase. (Feel free to panic buy these if you wish!)

If you have managed to miss my previous posts on this item, you may be wondering what to expect so here is a quick summary:

Each advent calendar will contain:

  • 12 Classic Crime Books (Preloved but in good condition.)
  • 8 Chocolate Treats
  • 4 Mystery themed gifts

Each item will have a mystery themed tag attached which shows which day it is be opened or consumed. Gift it to a friend or better still treat yourself to a Christmas of classic crime!

If you bought the calendar last year, (thanks!!), then you need not fear receiving the same gifts, as I have sourced new items.

If this sounds like your dream come true, then click here for my Etsy listing.

Or alternatively search for: Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas with a Vintage Confection of Crime Fiction

Note: The chest and basket are for display purposes only.

I have been hunting high and low for books over the summer, and at one point my Mum did query whether I had left any classic crime books left on the Internet, for anyone else to buy.

To cater for different mystery reading tastes, I have been collecting titles from a variety of authors ranging from Kathleen Moore Knight, Frances & Richard Lockridge, Jonathan Latimer, Susannah Shane, Craig Rice, Virginia Rath and Conyth Little, to snazzy vintage American editions of Agatha Christie’s books, Anthony Gilbert, Andrew Garve and Marion Mainwaring. Obviously there are loads more authors than that, but those were the first which sprung to mind.

Important Information

This product is only available for those in the UK. Apologies to those living elsewhere, but postage costs are tea-splutteringly steep and I was also concerned about the calendar arriving in one piece. However, my book box subscription service is more widely available.

To purchase this item at its lowest price I would recommend buying it during the first two weeks of October when the Early Bird price will be available.

Use Number 79 for Green Penguin Books…


In order to keep postage costs down this item will be dispatched in two parcels. One half of the calendar will go in one package and the second half in the other.

Both parcels will be dispatched via second class post. Bear this in mind when purchasing this order, as if you buy this item at the very end of November, then it may not arrive in time for 1st December. If you want a postage upgrade please message me before purchasing.

Food Allergies

If you have a food allergy please contact me via the button on the Etsy listing, before purchasing this item, so I can make sure I don’t send you any inappropriate chocolate treats.

You can also contact me on Etsy for any other queries relating to the product. Always happy to answer questions.


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