Latest Additions to my TBR Pile

Over the past few weeks a number of books have made their way on to my TBR pile, some bought, some review copies, and I thought it might be interesting to share them with you. If you have read some of them do let me know, as I am keen to know what others think of them, and it may help me to decide which ones to read first.

To begin with the books that I bought:

This is a title I have heard good things about, including from my blogging buddy the Puzzle Doctor.

Abbot is an author I have read about, but have never been able to find cheap copies of his work to try, so it is great to be able to finally give him a go.

I am a keen fan of Ethel Lina White, having reviewed 9 of her books on the blog already. However, it has been a while since I have read anything by her, as the remaining unread titles are not the easiest or cheapest to track down.

This is an author and title I came across for the first time when compiling my last Death Paints a Picture post, which focused on musical instruments on covers. A cheap copy was available so I decided to grab it whilst it was still there.

As you can see I bought quite a few books by this Australian sister writing duo, my latest read by them encouraging me to make the plunge. So you can expect to hear lots more about them in the future.

This is a novel I have had my eye on for a while, as I was intrigued by how a hunt for a tortoise provides a killer with the opportunity to bump someone off.

Now we have the review copies which have been kindly posted to me recently:

This title and the two below are from Stark House Press, whose stable of authors I am a big fan of. It was through them that I sampled Jean Potts’ work for the first time. Potts is definitely an author that I can recommend and I look forward to trying two more by her.

Bernice Carey is another author I would not have been able to try if it was not for the Stark House Press reprints and I have loved every book they have reprinted by her so far. I even nominated The Reluctant Murderer (1949) as one of my Reprint of the Year award titles.

Conversely, with Holding I had tried her work before but I had not got on with The Obstinate Murderer (1938). However, Greg at Stark House Press convinced me to give her another go last year and I am very glad that I did.

This is a short story collection available on Netgalley at the moment and I decided to give it a go, since I have been enjoying quite a few of the books they have reprinted lately.

This was not an author I had heard of before and I was particularly intrigued to try another early Italian crime writer, given my enjoyment of Augustus De Angelis’ work. The translator Andrew Edwards informed me that this mystery ‘is Sicily’s first ever detective procedural and one of the first in Italy. It was published in 1896.’ It has been reprinted by the Italica Press and Edwards also gave me this synopsis, which I thought might be of interest:

‘The beautiful young Countess Fiorenza d’Arda has died dramatically at her villa near Lake Geneva. Judge François Ferpierre, the senior magistrate assigned to Lausanne’s central court, arrives to investigate whether it was murder or suicide. In either case, who is responsible? A diverse set of characters – including two Russian anarchists and a melancholy young poet, each struggling with their own complex moral, political and artistic dilemmas – all become suspects. Ferpierre works on shifting ground as each new revelation uncovers another aspect of the case, another quandary shedding new light on intertwining motivations.’

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at the latest books to land on my TBR pile and do let me know about the books which you have recently bought/received too.


  1. I have only read the first on your list, the Thorogood. I had read a couple of reviews, including The Puzzle Doctor’s, and all were sparkling. I’m afraid mine wouldn’t be quite so enthusiastic. I ‘enjoyed’ it and I finished it but the characters didn’t sing to me unless they were trying to sing ‘Johnny One-Note.’ And the finale rang a bit off-key. Enough with music metaphors, especially since that has no connection to the book!

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  2. That Abbot novel is the first one of his I read ( I enjoyed it very much and thought it quite good for a debut novel. I’ve got three more on the TBR stacks waiting for attention…I’ve also got the Ferrars novel as part of a four-in-one volume put out by the Unicorn Press Mystery Book Club.

    Considering my job in administrative support, *The Only Good Secretary* has me intrigued.

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    • Yeah sure:
      Charlotte Armstrong – The Enemy
      Boucher – The Stripper
      Eberhart – Postiche
      H F Heard – The Enchanted Garden
      Baynard Kendrick – 5-4-Murderer
      Lockridge – There’s Death for Remembrance
      Palmer – The Monkey Murder
      Queen – The Adventure of the African Traveler
      Quentin – Puzzle for Poppy
      Rawson – From Another World
      Rice – Good-bye, Goodbye!
      Rinehart – Locked Doors
      Woolrich – Mystery in Room 913


    • Well I will try to be as speedy as possible in reading them lol If only I could read in my sleep!
      It is definitely a list which makes me feel excited which is always good going into reading anything.


  3. Some catnip there Kate!
    I just finished one from my TBR that I found in my bumper crop of finds last year: Invisible Green by Sladek. I think you would like it immensely. It’s a bravura performance, but the tone reminds me of Westmoreland Alone .


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