Where was Dr Black Killed? Answers to the Quiz

Last week I published at classic crime quiz, which was structured around the game of Cluedo. If you answered the questions correctly then you would be able to figure out which room Dr Black was killed in. If you haven’t had a go already, you can find the quiz by clicking here. I have highlighted the answers in blue below.

Cellar (Or if you are in the USA – Basement)

The theme of this category is concealment.

1. Which of these items is not used by Agatha Christie in her work, to conceal precious stones?

a) Film cannister

b) Ruck sack

c) Christmas Pudding

d) Tennis Ball

2. Which of the following novels does not feature a corpse in a cellar?

a) Busman’s Honeymoon by Dorothy L. Sayers

b) Murder on the Blackboard by Stuart Palmer

c) The Black Paw by Conyth Little (Although a gun is hidden underneanth some coal in the cellar)

d) Murder in the Basement by Anthony Berkeley

3. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. It is an American mystery from the 1950s which involves a body being found in a basement.

Deadly Beloved by John Stephen Strange

4. How does the killer conceal themselves in Agatha Christie’s Peril at End House?

The killer makes out that they are the intended target.

5. Which of these novels does not feature a body concealed beneath the ground?

a) Crime Counter Crime by E. C. R. Lorac

b) The Case of the Flowery Corpse by Christopher Bush

c) The Hog’s Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts

d) Blood from a Stone by Ruth Sawtell Wallis

Follow the Clue: Where the killer of Murder Will Speak (J. J. Connington) accomplished their task, the killer in The Moving Finger (Agatha Christie) did not.

The room to go to next is the Kitchen.

Billiard Room

The theme for this category is sports.

1. Which sport links Cat Among by the Pigeons by Agatha Christie, The Problem of the Wire Cage by John Dickson Carr and The Judge is Reversed by Richard and Frances Lockridge?


2. For each of the novels below, identify the sporting equipment used to murder someone:

a) The Longer Bodies by Gladys Mitchell – Shot put, though Mitchell does include a bloodied javelin to confuse matters.

b) The Skeleton in the Clock by Carter Dickson – Cricket Bat

c) Towards Zero by Agatha Christie – Tennis racquet, though a golf stick is used as a red herring.

3. Name a 1930s mystery novel in which a football player collapses during a match and later dies.

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery by Leonard Gribble

4. Identify these two mysteries which centre around a sporting activity.

a) TCSM by JB – The Cheltenham Square Murder by John Bude (Archery)

b) CS by CC – Crossed Skis by Carol Carnac (Skiing)

5. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. It is a 1950s rural-set mystery, which involves murder by the riverside and a memoir which could cause a scandal, if published.

Scales of Justice by Ngaio Marsh

Follow the Clue: Captain Denis Cathcart is found dead just outside the doors to this room, at Riddlesdale lodge in Dorothy L. Sayers’ Clouds of Witness.

The next room to go to is the Conservatory.


The theme of this category is academic mysteries.

1. Which of these academic-set mysteries does not feature an academic (e.g. teacher, professor etc.), as an amateur sleuth?

a) The Case of the Gilded Fly by Edmund Crispin

b) The Mummy Case Mystery by Dermot Morrah

c) Death on the Cherwell by Mavis Doriel Hay

d) The Cambridge Murders by Glyn Daniel

2. What is the academic-set novel, Seven Suspects, better known as, and who was it written by?

Death at the President’s Lodgings by Michael Innes

3. Which of these academic mysteries takes place on a university campus?

a) The Case of the Seven of Calvary by Anthony Boucher

b) Death at Crane’s Court by Ellis Dillon

c) Love Lies Bleeding by Edmund Crispin

d) The Weight of the Evidence by Michael Innes

4. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. It is a comic crime novel from the 1940s.

The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin

5. Identify these two academic mysteries and their authors by their initials.

a) AQOP by NB – A Question of Proof by Nicholas Blake

b) MPD by JT – Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey

Follow the Clue: A snowy rural mystery contains the surname of a pretender to the British throne, a name which will lead you to the right room to join next.

The next room to go to is the Hall.


The theme for this category is books in mysteries.

1. Hercule Poirot leaves Captain Hastings a copy of which Shakespeare play, in his final case: Curtain?


2. Which title below does not include a body being found in a bookshop?

a) Murder in the Bookshop by Carolyn Wells

b) The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley

c) Beginning with a Bash by Alice Tilton

d) ‘The Case of the Murder on D. Hill’ by Edogawa Rampo

3. Agatha Christie is known for creating the character Ariadne Oliver, who is a mystery novelist like her creator. Which title below is not one we are told Ariadne has written?

a) The Body in the Library

b) The Dying Goldfish

c) The Cat it Was Who Died

d) The Fountain-Pen Mystery – This is the title of one of Harriet Vane’s mysteries.

4. What is the name of Elizabeth Daly’s detective who is an expert on books?

Henry Gamadge

5. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. In this mystery an employee of an antiquarian bookshop on Charing Cross Road is found murdered inside. It was published during the 1950s.

The Two Hundred Ghost by Henrietta Hamilton

Follow the Clue: Georgette Heyer and J. C. Masterman, in their second mystery novels, both include this social event, which takes place in this room.

The next room to go to is the Ballroom.


The theme for this category is fashion, connecting to the room via the phrase lounge wear.

1. Which of the following titles does have a murder which takes place at a clothes/dress shop?

a) The Fashion in Shrouds by Margery Allingham

b) Fatal in my Fashion by Patricia Mcgerr

c) Death in High Heels by Christianna Brand

d) Murder a la Mode by Patricia Moyes

2. Complete the titles below with the correct item of clothing from the list provided.

Pants     Coat     Hat     Shawl

a) The Green Plaid Pants by Margaret Scherf

b) The Black Coat by Conyth Little

c) The Chinese Shawl by Patricia Wentworth

d) The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen

3. Name an item of clothing which is used as a red herring in Agatha Christie’s The Murder on the Orient Express.

A kimono.

4. Which of these Agatha Christie mysteries does not mention a bathing suit?

a) The Body in the Library (Yes a bathing suit is mentioned in this book when Dolly Bantry has a dream involving the vicar’s wife wearing one at a public event.)

b) Sleeping Murder

c) Evil Under the Sun

d) And Then There Were None

5. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. A continental mystery published in the 1940s and involves a murderer striking during a fashion show.

The Mystery of the Three Orchids by Augusto De Angelis

Follow the Clue: Anthony Berkeley and Anna Katharine Green’s debut mysteries both include a locked room mystery in which their victims are shot in this room.

The next room to go to is the Library.


The theme for this category is parties in mysteries.

1. In The Sleeping Sphinx by John Dickson Carr there is a party to which guests are invited to attend, wearing masks of whom?

Masks of executed murderers.

2. In which title is there not a victim found dressed in a Harlequin costume?

a) Exit Harlequin by Cecil Freeman Gregg

b) ‘The Affair at Victory Ball’ by Agatha Christie

c) ‘The Flying Stars’ by G. K. Chesterton (Although one does feature in this story, they are the criminal, not the victim.)

d) Death in Clairvoyance by Josephine Bell

3. Each of the stories below features a debutante, but in which one is a debutante killed?

a) ‘The Golden Slipper’ by Anna Katharine Green

b) Casa Madrone by Mignon G. Eberhart

c) Death in a White Tie by Ngaio Marsh

d) Dance of Death by Helen McCloy

4. Which Agatha Christie title includes a party/social gathering which a killer has organised in order to murder someone?

a) Three Act Tragedy

b) Hallowe’en Party

c) The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side

d) Cards on the Table

5. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. A 1930s mystery in which agents are tasked with unmasking a big blackmailing ring.

Death in Fancy Dress by Anthony Gilbert

Follow the Clue: H. R. F. Keating has a murderer strike in this room, but Brian Flynn got there first.

The next room to go to is the Billiard Room.


The theme for this category is to do with names. All of the answers will involve the word Hall.

1. Match the correct hall to each Agatha Christie novel.

a) Dead Man’s FollyNasse Hall

b) The Body in the LibraryGossington Hall

c) 4:50 from PaddingtonRutherford Hall

d) After the FuneralEnderby Hall

2. Which of these mysteries does not include a Hall?

a) Murder at Liberty Hall by Alan Clutton-Brock (The book takes place at Scrope House School)

b) Laurels are Poison by Gladys Mitchell

c) Invisible Death by Brian Flynn [I have to admit an error here, as I included the wrong Flynn title in my original post, due to misreading a paragraph via Google search, which conflated two separate paragraphs, on two separate Flynn novels together. In my original post I had The Murders Near Mapleton here, which is incorrect. I have now corrected it on the original, but feel free to give yourself a compensatory bonus point if you did the quiz before the correction.]

d) The Man in the Moonlight by Helen McCloy

3. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. A 1930s mystery in which a move to the countryside entails murder.

The Strange Case of Harriet Hall by Moray Dalton

4. In Old Hall, New Hall, by Michael Innes, what is the Old Hall used as?

a) Hotel

b) A University

c) Museum

d) Hospital

5. Name the Christie novel in which someone is strangled in a hallway.

Sleeping Murder

Follow the Clue: Normally a relaxing place to partake of refreshment but not for Ambrose Chitterwick, who finds murder. He should have gone to a teashop instead!

The next room to go to is the Lounge.


Since people often enjoy looking at their gardens from their conservatories, the theme for this category is plants/gardens.

1. All of these novels feature a home with a summerhouse, but in which story is there a body found inside one?

a) The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

b) The Greenstone Griffins by Gladys Mitchell

c) The Case of the Chinese Gong by Christopher Bush

d) The Crystal Beads Murder by Annie Haynes

2. Complete the titles below with the correct item of clothing from the list provided.

Rose     Iris     Betony     Orchids

a) Fear and Miss Betony by Dorothy Bowers

b) The Rose in Darkness by Christanna Brand

c) The Black Iris by Conyth Little (a.k.a. Constance and Gwenyth Little)

d) No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase

3. How is a killer, in Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie, tripped up by a ‘horticultural clue’?

The killer claims to have cut their wrist on a rose plant, but the variant at the location has no thorns, so Poirot knows they must be lying.

4. Match each Christie title to the correct plant-based poison they feature.

a) A Pocket Full of RyeTaxine

b) A Caribbean MysteryBelladonna

c) Five Little PigsConiine

d) 4:50 from PaddingtonAconite

5. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. This 1940s mystery involves a poisoning and is set in Ireland.

Common or Garden Crime by Sheila Pim

Follow the Clue: Mrs Peacock can enter this room on the original Cluedo board in the shortest number of moves.

The next room to go to is nowhere, as the answer to the clue is Conservatory. You have discovered where Dr Black was killed!


The theme for this category is food.

1. What is Fanny Lynam’s culinary speciality in Enough to Kill a Horse by Elizabeth Ferrars?

Lobster Patties

2. Which of these authors polished off one of their characters with a dish of poisoned snails?

a) Agatha Christie

b) John Rhode

c) Sheila Pim

d) Michael Innes

3. Which of these characters was not killed via poisoned food?

a) Alfred Crackenthorpe in 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie (The poison which finished him off was put into his tea, not in the food he and the others ate earlier.)

b) Phillips Boyes in Strong Poison by Dorothy L Sayers

c) Lois Hargreaves in ‘The House of Lurking Death’ by Agatha Christie

d) Joan Bendix in The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley

4. Which novel does not include a sleuth seeking a recipe, of some kind?

a) Cook Up a Crime by Charlotte Murray Russell

b) Too Many Cooks by Rex Stout

c) Diabolic Candelabra by E. R. Punshon

d) ‘The Recipe’ by Isaac Asimov

5. Identify the mystery title below, based on the cover. It was written in the 1930s and you would be advised to stay clear of the chocolates!

Heir Presumptive by Henry Wade

Follow the Clue: In the 1930s Christie, in her novels, bumps off two military figures in this room.

The next room to go to is the Study.

So the correct order to go to the different rooms was: Cellar, Kitchen, Study, Hall, Lounge, Library, Ballroom, Billiard Room, Conservatory.

The final room, and therefore, the location of Dr Black’s murder is the Conservatory, where Colonel Mustard polished him off with a dagger!

Hope you enjoyed the quiz!


  1. For Hall question 2, I chose The Murders Near Mapleton which is also a correct answer. Otherwise, I got all correct.


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