Death Paints a Picture: Voting for Next Month’s Theme

Earlier this month I put on my blog my first post, in what I hope will be a once a month series. In each post I plan to look at (mostly vintage) cover art for mystery novels and each time there will be a specific focus. My first theme was cats on covers, which you can read here.

However, it is time to decide what theme I will look at in February and I thought it would be nice to involve my blog readers in the decision process. Below I have selected 5 of the suggestions I have received from blog readers and until the end of January you have the chance to vote on which should be my next theme.

If you have other suggestions please add them in the comments below as they can then be added on to my list of possible themes to include in the next votes.


  1. Fun poll, I voted for “artistic equipment” because I have no idea what that means in the context of the subject of your blog and am very intrigued. Criminal Hands is my second choice.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the poll and found the objects suitably intriguing. Ideas which don’t win the poll will return to the list I have of ideas, so they will probably turn up again in future polls intermixed with other suggestions.


  2. My vote went to the dogs. 🙂

    What about an internationally themed world tour, a la Ellery Queen, with covers depicting different countries, famous sights and landmarks?

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    • ooh that’s an intriguing idea. Would take some thought. Not sure if I would need to narrow the focus to something like landmarks or flags. Depictions of different countries could be an interesting one, though how nuanced the depictions would be is a different matter.


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