Reprint of the Year Awards 2020 – The Results!!!

Right, so has everyone skipped down to the bottom of the post to see who won first place yet?

Good, now here are my plans for world domination…

No? Still a few kindly souls going to read this bit at the top?

When I launched the poll over a week ago, I decided to make a note of how the voting went in the first 24 hours. It was pleasing after this first day to see that the total number of votes had already surpassed the number gained overall in last year’s poll. By the end of last night there had been a 68% increase in votes, compared to the 14% increase last year.

Four of the titles which are now in the Top 5 emerged within 10 minutes of the poll opening, yet there were still a few titles which were slow to begin with, in terms of votes, but over time consistently racked up the votes needed to get into the top 5. (There are some ties in the Top 5, hence a number greater than 5 being referred to – my maths is not that bad…)

There was quite a tussle between the title in first place and one of the second-place winners. They swapped positions a lot within the first day of voting, but by the next evening the now winner was 11 votes ahead and this only went on to increase.

But who was it?

Yes, now you can scroll down and see who won!

The four titles which received the fewest votes, (gaining 5 votes or less) are…

13th place is held by these three titles…

Two of these titles, although not nominated by myself, were some of my favourite reads this year.

In 12th place is…

In 11th place is…

And now here is the top 10 and in 10th place is…

In 9th place is…

In 8th place is…

I think this is the first time Galileo Publishers have made it into the awards, so 8th place is not bad for a debut entry.

In 7th place…

I am looking forward to reading this one in 2021.

In 6th place…

5th place is shared by these two books…

The Man Who Didn’t Fly was one of my nominations, so it was great to make it into the top 5.

In 4th place is…

3rd place goes to…

The Inugami Curse was one of the titles which quickly gained votes, yet in contrast Castle Skull took quite some time to move up the list.

Again 2nd place is shared by two books…

The Woman in the Wardrobe surprised me, as within the first 24 hours this title was ranked as low as 9th and by the end of the period had only gained 4th place. However, as time went on it began to gain more votes.

Brian Flynn’s Tread Softly had quite the dog fight with the winner of first place, but just couldn’t match the votes of…

Quite a few people predicted this might be the winner, and those predictions have definitely been proven correct with this title ultimately gaining a 32 vote lead. This is not a book I have read yet, but I hope to get to it in January. It would have been quite the achievement if Brian Flynn had won for the second time, but there’s always next year, as I believe another 10 Flynn reprints are in the offing later in 2021.

I think having a larger number of books in the poll helped this year to contribute to the increase in votes overall and I did also like the wide variety of styles and publishers we were able to include. I hope everyone has enjoyed following the awards. Many thanks to all the bloggers who contributed, as it wouldn’t have been as much fun without you!

It has been another great year for classic crime reprints, and here’s hoping next year’s are just as good or even better!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy to see that my selections garnered some votes and even happier to see The Red Right Hand take the title (though I love Tread Softly). Richly deserved! Hopefully 2021 gives us an equally strong contest…

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  2. No surprise ! Though there were several good choices in the nominations, none can match the sheer brilliance of The Red Right Hand. (Yes, PD, not even Tread Softly !)

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  3. I’ve only found this blog in the past couple of weeks, but I have appreciated it so much. Thanks to your recommendations, I’ve been able to enjoy 5 British Library Classic Crime novels over my Christmas break, and with your help, I’m looking forward to adding many more titles to my reading pile during 2021. Happy New Year!

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  4. Kate – thanks for another great year of blogging and running this poll once again. The top 3 were the exact ones for which I voted.

    Best wishes for a healthy, successful 2021.

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  5. I think both the nominations of Puzzle Doctor has taken the 2nd place…He would be happy although he missed the first place this year. Great poll, Kate…This is the 2nd year I voted since I found this blog in 2019.

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  6. Glad to see that my nominees got some votes! A 3rd place tie finish makes me very happy. Great work Kate…and everyone who contributed. Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for reprints.

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    • A very good debut performance indeed! Obviously the gifs worked! Like you I am looking forward to next years reprints. Just need to get cracking with all the books in my TBR pile. I just keep finding the odd book here and there at the right price, which sound interesting.


  7. A worthy winner, Kate! I reviewed this extraordinary novel myself on my blog a while ago. Congratulations on another great year of blogging. xx

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  8. Happy New Year, Kate! Glad to see Lorac make it into the top five. I didn’t really expect The Dragon Murder Case to pull in the votes…and I see I was right. 🙂

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  9. Excellent initiative to end the year! I am happy to see Lorac get some serious love. How many people voted, Kate? If the gap between #1 and #2 is 32 votes, your initiative must have attracted quite a few folks joining the fun.

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    • I know the total number of votes, 310, but I don’t know how many people voted. The smallest number it could be is around 103, that is if everyone used their three votes. However, this is not very likely, and as I watched the poll over the week and a bit, it often went up in ones and twos, as quite a number of people don’t use the full 3 votes. Equally it will not be 310 people using only one vote. I wonder if it might be 200+ people. WordPress doesn’t enable to see number of users of the poll unfortunately. It just counts the votes.


  10. Somehow, I completely forgot about ROY, but can’t say I’m surprised The Red Right Hand snatched the first place. However, I’m surprised Tread Softly has become one of the more popular Flynn titles. I love Flynn as much as the doctor, but he has written much better mysteries than Tread Softly. Still glad The Inugami Clan and The Woman in the Wardrobe secured the second and third place.

    ROY so far has some very unusual winners: a reference guide (Locked Room Murders), a once extremely obscure, 1920s mystery (The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye) and now a phantasmagorial crime novel. I’m curious to see what will claws its way to the first place at the end of this year!

    Thanks for hosting ROY and belated best wishes for 2021!

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