Reprint of the Year Awards 2020: Let the Voting Commence!

Over the last two weeks I, along with some other bloggers, have been trying our best to convince you to vote for our reprint nominations. However now it is time to open the poll. Below are the 22 nominations, 3 of which were randomly selected from the nominations put forward by blog readers. It is nice to see such a wide variety of publishers being included in the final list, over 10 I think.

Important Reminder: Like last year you are allowed to vote for up to 3 texts.

If you haven’t made your mind up on which titles to vote for, then check out my Nomination 1 and Nomination 2 posts, as they also include links to all the blogger chosen books.

The poll is now open and will close on the 30th December.

It would be great if you are able to share this post on Facebook or Twitter. It would be lovely to have as many people voting as possible.

Happy voting!


  1. […] I have missed the many day to day interactions of “normal” life but have found great enjoyment and support from doing much more with the GAD blogging community than ever before including an appearance on JJ’s excellent podcast In GAD We Trust to discuss the Father Brown short stories, an in-depth discussion with Brad from ahsweetmysteryblog on After the Funeral, adding new lyrics to an old tune to create A Celebration of Agatha Christie, solving puzzles and creating my own, attending an online Agatha Christie festival, achieving fourth place in a limerick competition, and taking part in the Reprint of the Year Awards. […]


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