Friday Fright Night: Are you a Heroine in Jeopardy?

For my final contribution to Curtis Evan’s Friday Fright Night meme I decided to focus on a character type; the heroine in jeopardy. After all what other mystery fiction character encounters so many terrifying and unnerving experiences in such a short space of time as they do? Some examples of these can be found in my first Friday Night Fright post, which you can read here.

As a bit of fun, I have compiled a checklist of criteria so readers can decide if they are actually living the life of a heroine in jeopardy! I have tried to write the criteria in an open way, as it’s no fun if no one gets any points! Although it is possible to do so. I have only given points for the categories Sometimes, Many Times and All the Time, as I think a key part of being a heroine in jeopardy is the consistent tendency for certain things to happen.

Let me know what your score is in the comments below and guys don’t feel like you can’t take part!

Have you…Never (0 points)Rarely (0 points)Sometimes (1 point)Many Times (2 points)All the Time (3 points)
… been convinced to doubt your own mind, over basic pieces of information?     
… investigated a room, building or outdoor location at night?
Give yourself an additional bonus point for each applicable factor below:
a) Doing this activity during a storm.
b) Taking a torch which runs out of battery power.
c) Forgetting to take a torch in the first place.
d) Wearing bedroom attire during the activity.
e) Conducting the investigation purely because you heard an eerie sound.
…gone to work or live in a remote location or within an enclosed community, whose current inhabitants act very suspiciously and who treat you with suspicion in turn?     
… uttered the phrase “If only I had known/remembered/realised”?     
… met your spouse or partner through a dangerous encounter or crisis?
Give yourself an extra point if they also rescued you in some way.
… ever been a nurse, childminder, live-in tutor, companion or secretary?     
… done something after having been warned not to do it?     
… found you tend to let yourself in for far more than you expected?     
… been told you act before you think?     
… been faced with multiple suitors for your affections, yet been unsure of whether they are genuinely interested in you, rather than needing your loyalty for a dubious reason?     

The maximum score you can achieve is 36, I think.


You’re probably reading these results with the last few seconds of your mobile phone battery before it dies out, (you had meant to charge it last night, but you forgot). Life is something of a whirlwind for you, but life as a heroine in jeopardy can at least never be said to be boring!


You are not far off being a bone fide heroine in jeopardy and your natural curiosity can sometimes get the better of you. However, common sense prevails sufficiently in your life for you to avoid the worst consequences of the heroine in jeopardy lifestyle.


You are an occasional dabbler into the heroine in jeopardy lifestyle. Mostly your life runs like a well-oiled machine, but every now and then a mad period of time ensues. Just remember to keep extra batteries on your person for those sporadic night time investigations.


I think it will come as no surprise to you that you are very unlikely to be living the life of a heroine in jeopardy. Though I have the feeling this isn’t going to upset you too much… Planning ahead, anticipating problems and acting with more than a modicum of common sense is a highly laudable way to live life. Anyways someone has to help those in the top category get out of their endless pickles, when the heroes are having a night off to wash their hair, or more likely playing Call of Duty…


  1. I am probably the most boring/chicken/introverted person out there with a score of, oh, maybe 2. Getting suckered into climbing Kilimanjaro—although a one-time thing—ought to count for about 50 points on its own, though. Oh, well, give me another 10 points for actually thinking owning a coffee shop was a good idea—glad I’m out of that jeopardy!

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    • haha no I don’t see people in the lowest score group as boring. I’m thinking more Merida in the pixar film Brave or perhaps Mulan!! Seems very appropriate given your adventures. That’s so cool to have gone up Kilimanjaro.


  2. 12 – mostly because of the investigating noises at night prompt. I do that all the time. Thanks for the fun quiz!

    On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 6:27 AM crossexaminingcrime wrote:

    > armchairreviewer posted: ” For my final contribution to Curtis Evan’s > Friday Fright Night meme I decided to focus on a character type; the > heroine in jeopardy. After all what other mystery fiction character > encounters so many terrifying and unnerving experiences in such a short sp” >

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  3. Brilliant quiz Kate! My score is quite low now, but would have been somewhat higher when I was a foolish young thing (thought not very foolish compared with the kind of heroine we are discussing). Glad to see wandering around in nightclothes featured, one of my favourite tropes.

    But now the key question is – what was your score? We all want to know…

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