International Agatha Christie Festival 2020

In keeping with many events this year, the International Agatha Christie Festival has had to go virtual and it has its own Youtube channel, which you can find here. All of the videos will go live at various times on the 15th September and they are free to watch. So if you can access Youtube, you’re able to join in! No need to worry about packing a suitcase or sorting out plane or train tickets and you can have no qualms about listening to the talks in your pyjamas or even your onesies! Videos are still being uploaded to the Youtube channel, so if you click on the link now, bear in mind there is more to come. If you subscribe to the channel, I believe you get notifications of when these new additions are added.

The videos cover a range of topics and are delivered in a variety of formats. Appropriately, given the centenary celebrations, the first video of the day will be on The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Fans of the podcast All About Agatha will be pleased to know that they will be treating us to not one, but three videos, with them in conversation with Sophie Hannah, Laura Thompson and Mathew Prichard respectively. Other talk topics include Christie’s Childhood, her home Greenway, and Mark Aldridge, who wrote Agatha Christie on Screen, will be discussing her famous sleuth, Hercule Poirot. The day also sees two slots which focus upon Christie’s plays, Witness for the Prosecution and The Mousetrap. I am not sure what these slots will be providing exactly, but I am sure it will be a lovely surprise!

Oh and then there is of course my slot…

What will it be about?

Well here is the exciting exclusive information I can tell you…

  1. It will be a quiz (surprise surprise). On the Youtube channel it is the video called, ‘Testing Your Little Grey Cells.’
  2. There will be a prize.
  3. A really good prize in fact!

So yes I am sure you now all feel thoroughly informed! Although given that Agatha Christie was the Queen of Crime, a modicum of mystification is not out of place. Hopefully the suspense won’t cause too many sleepless nights! Anyways do check it out on the day and all the other videos too of course.


  1. Actually it is not too difficult to find the odd one out in round1 and the reason thereof. But I was misled as follows. The last cover showing the picture of a rooster is that of a UK edition. But I remembered having seen a similar picture of rooster on the cover of a US edition and thought it referred to that. Hence I picked this as the odd one out being the only US edition.
    I should have referred to the internet instead of relying solely on memory for this question.


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