Book of the Month: July 2020

With a sneaky last-minute review yesterday evening, I managed to bring my review total up to 11 last month. Once again I participated in the Top Ten Tuesday meme looking at the authors I have read the most by and I am planning on participating two times during August; the first of which will be appearing next week. I also posted a ranked list of the Christianna Brand novels that I have read, and it was great to read everyone’s views on the matter.

This month’s reading has been interesting. It’s featured familiar faces and new authors to me, yet it has also seen me giving a writer a second chance; something I am very glad I did. Purists will no doubt be upset with me for splitting the Book of the Month title between two books, but I felt that both were worthy of the accolade.

So the Book of the Month with the best puzzle factor is Death of Jezebel (1948) by Christianna Brand…

… and the Book of the Month which demonstrates the best example of a psychological suspense novel goes to The Death Wish (1934) by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding.

This is the author to whom I gave a second chance and I am very glad I did, as I really enjoyed both this title and Net of Cobwebs (1945).

Honourable mentions should also be given to:

I’m not entirely sure of all the books I will be reading in August, though it is likely I will be reviewing Bodies from the Library 3, edited by Tony Medawar, The Man Who Didn’t Fly (1955) by Margot Bennett and Moonflower by Anthony Horowitz.

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