A Look Inside Crime and Detective Stories Issue: 83

As usual a brief glance at the contents of the latest issue of CADs magazine shows I have, once more, a lot of good reading to look forward to! Again, also as usual, it is hard to decide where to start first!

However, here are some of the pieces I am most looking forwarding to reading:

  • Anthony Boucher by Marvin Lachman (A writer I have read a few by.)
  • The Adventures of Cutcliffe Hyne by Roger Ellis (An early 20th century I have never heard of before.)
  • Parliament, Politics and Crime Fiction by Philip L. Scowcroft (I am interested in seeing which titles get included for this theme.)
  • Agatha Christie vs. Ngaio Marsh: A Comparison of Two Village Mysteries by Pete Johnson (Two familiar names I am always happy to read about.)
  • Boots Examination Day: Crime by Jackie Winter (This piece seems to be about the circulating library aspect of Boots. I’m intrigued to find out more.)
  • Japanese Crime Fiction: Final Random Reading by Nick Kimber (It is sad to see this is the last of this series of pieces. I have enjoyed finding out more about Japanese mysteries through these reviews.)

I have also contributed a couple of reviews this issue along with an article adapted from the talk I did at the Bodies from the Library conference last year: Solving Crime Down Under: June Wright (1912-2012).

If you are interested in contributing articles, reviews, favourite/top ten lists etc. or would you like to get a copy of this publication then email the editor at: geoffcads@aol.com

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