Book of the Month: April 2020

I actually read more than I thought I had this month. 18 reads in total, 14 of which were crime fiction. It was a busy(ish) month on the blog celebrating my 1100th post and you were all kept busy with my Classic Crime Reprint Quiz, (hopefully no one’s still doing it…)

The quality of the books I read this month was better and there was only the odd dud. I decided to have two books of the month this time around: The Classic Crime Book of the Month and The Modern Crime Book of the Month. Catchy right?

The winner for the Classic Crime Book of the Month is from an author who hasn’t given me a poor read yet, which is Bernice Carey. This month I read two stories by her, and The Reluctant Murderer (1949), her debut novel is a very worthy winner of the prize. It’s a clever inverted mystery, which keeps you guessing, and I would recommend purchasing the latest reprint of it from Stark House.

Moving onto the Modern Crime Book of the Month and I have chosen Martin Edwards’ Mortmain Hall (2020), a brilliant follow up to the first book in the Rachel Savernake series, Gallows Court. This is a certainly a book where you need to keep your wits about you, and even then I think you’ll still be delightfully hoodwinked!

I’m keeping my reading plans for May fairly free and easy, picking up what grabs me the most at the time. Fourteen books lighter, my TBR pile is looking much more manageable and hopefully May will help it shed a few more pounds. Though in June I may need to buy some more books. No one wants an emaciated TBR pile after all…

To end on a bizarre note, (why not?), I decided to share two of the more random searches which lead people to my blog:

  1. Agatha Christie Smelling Salts [Well this is a new one even to me…]
  2. Myth Governess [Who is this mysterious person?]

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