CADs 82 – What’s Inside?

It is always a good post day when the latest issue of CADs (Crime and Detective Stories) magazine lands on your door step. As always Geoff Bradley (editor) spoils us rotten with a host of intriguing articles. The tricky decision is deciding which one to read first! Issue 82 covers a whole range of topics, from M. C. Beaton and Peter N. Walker to Herbert Adams and Seishi Yokomizo, so there is definitely something for everyone. Here are a few titles which jumped out at me:

  • ‘John Le Carre’s Detective Novels’ by Philip Gooden
  • ‘Helen McCloy and Dr. Basil Willing by Christine Poulson
  • ‘What are the Great Detective Stories and Why’ by Arthur B Reeve (This article was originally published in 1922. Geoff has not succumbed to conducting seances to fill his magazine!)
  • ‘”Those who read thrillers are an impatient race.” P. G. Wodehouse – Crime Fiction’ by Pete Johnson
  • ‘On the Cleverness of Constance Culmington: Eighty Years of And Then There Were None’ by Brad Friedman
  • ‘First Is Best: Or Is It?’ by Philip Scowcroft

In this issue I also have a piece looking at the various Stark House reprints which I have read in the past 6 months.

As always if you are keen to pick up a copy then contact the editor at


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