The Pocket Detective 2: 1 Day to Go! Puzzle Taster (3)

Apologies for the delay in putting up this post, but without ado here is the final puzzle to showcase some of the puzzles in the forthcoming The Pocket Detective 2. This time it is a word search focusing on Agatha Christie’s much loved novel, Evil Under the Sun. All you have to do is match each character with the correct connection to Arlena Stuart Marshall and the correct object related to themselves. Beware though! Some red herrings have also been included in the lists to add confusion. Once completed look for the words in bold in the word search, not forgetting to ignore those pesky false clues.

If you’ve not had a chance to try the other puzzles then here are the links: Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2


  1. ” the correct object related to themselves”
    What exactly does this mean ? For example take sleeping pills. These belong to Christine but are taken by Linda to commit suicide Similarly, it is Gladys who notices someone taking bath at an unusual hour, but it is Christine taking the bath. The empty bottle is thrown out by Christine, but it just misses Emily. The scissors belong to Patrick but .used by Christine to cut up the hat. The watch belongs to Linda but tampered by Christine.

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    • Looking at the answers I think the emphasis is on the item belonging to said person. This removes the duplication of characters which you outline. Two exceptions on the ‘belonging’ aspect, but without the duplication these are relatively easy to solve.
      Hope this clarifies matters.


  2. The SOLUTION (in ROT13):

    Xraargu Znefunyy- Uhfonaq- Glcrjevgre

    Rzvyl Oerjfgre- Sryybj ubgry thrfg- Rzcgl obggyr

    Ubenpr Oyngg- Fzhttyre- Urebva

    Puevfgvar Erqsrea- Npprffbel gb ure qrngu- Fyrrcvat cvyyf

    Yvaqn Znefunyy- Fgrcqnhtugre- Jngpu

    Cngevpx Erqsrea- Zheqrere- Fpvffbef

    Tynqlf Aneenpbgg- Punzoreznvq ng ure ubgry- Ongu


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