Book of the Month: August 2019

17 reads this month, most of which ended up on the blog. Aside from one book, all my blog reads were from authors I have tried before and on the whole, aside from odd dud read, I had a pretty good month in terms of reading quality. So much so that Book of the Month, this month, is expanding its runner up categories: Vintage and Modern Mysteries.

So first up, there were two runners up for the Vintage Mysteries section and these were:

I was particularly pleased with the McGerr novel, as I have tried a couple by her earlier this year and whilst I liked the idea of the experiments she tries in these tales, I found the results a little disappointing. So it was great to read a book from her which avoided this pitfall.

Next up we have two runners up for the Modern Mysteries section, both of which are from series I am really enjoying:

Now logic would suggest that I should have two winners for Book of the Month; one vintage and one modern. Yet going on rating scores there was only one book which achieved a 5/5 rating, which was:

This was an author new to me and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But I was really gripped by this book and Ellin uses the device of multiple authors really well, so I can highly recommend reading this story.

Finally, I am really looking forward to September as not only is Murder She Said: The Quotable Miss Marple going out, (with an unearthed essay by Christie), being released, but the long awaited The Hooded Gunman, by John Curran is also hitting the shelves. It definitely feels like Christmas has come early and I can’t wait to read both of these titles.

Now I’m sure there’s something else coming out this month, just can’t quite remember what it is….


  1. Thanks so much for reminding me about L.C. Tyler! As I have been engaged in hand to hand conflict with my M.A. course, now finished, I have been collecting book so much faster than I have been reading them! I will be looking out Tyler’s books among others as I have a felling I have several unread…. Glad to hear there are so many and that you recommend them!


  2. “Now I’m sure there’s something else coming out this month, just can’t quite remember what it is….”

    Umm, actually — The Pocket Detective 2 is supposed to be published in September in the UK.
    Puzzle fans may want to unscramble these letters to get the author’s name: teaKJaskcon

    Hopefully the book will be available in the US before Christmas, and who knows what the title will be!


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