Book of the Month: July 2019

Thankfully my reading has picked up this month and out of my 18 reads I reviewed 12 of them on the blog, which is an improvement on June’s figures. A 20% increase, for all numerically minded readers.

Numbers aside, I had a lot of good reads from a variety of authors. There were no 5/5 reads, but there were quite a few that came very close. These were:

Deciding out of these four which title would be my book of the month was no easy task, as they all have something different to bring to the party. After much pondering I got it down to two; Mischief and A Judgement in Stone, as I felt they were the most psychologically gripping. This next round of pondering in some ways felt a little uneven as one was a new read to me, whilst another was a re-read. The new read had that excitement of not knowing where the story was going, yet in the end I selected my re-read: A Judgement in Stone. Yes, I knew where the book was headed, but this story’s strength is not in a surprise ending, (after all it is an inverted mystery), but is in the way it racks up the tension within the reader, precisely because you know what’s going to happen to the doomed characters. The inevitability of it all clashes with your desire to somehow to prevent it.

Actually, I would say it is more surprising that a Rendell novel won book of the month, as I am not a big fan of her work. Yet I suppose that goes to show how strong a read A Judgement in Stone is. If you’ve not read it, then I definitely recommend you rectify this omission at the earliest opportunity!



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