Latest Book Haul

I don’t often indulge in book hauls, though I think that is more through lack of opportunity, than from any kind of will power. Second hand bookshops are a little bit thin on the ground where I am and local charities provide slim pickings for a vintage crime fan (though occasionally they do surprise me). Consequently most of my book buying takes place online and what with P&P costs, means book buying splurges don’t always happen that often.

However, as this blog post title indicates, a book buying spree has occurred and I thought I would share my purchases with you. Fingers crossed I haven’t gone for anything too bad. I think all but one or two are authors I have tried before, but then there’s nothing wrong with a familiar face. Where possible I have used pictures of the editions I have, but for some, where I don’t have a dust jacket, I have just gone for a cover I like.


  1. I’m also in a small town with limited opportunities for GAD fans so I can sympathize. Fortunately I read widely enough that I can always find something and ebook re-issues are truly a blessing for those authors whose books are not going to show up in hard copy. Oddly I have found half a dozen Charlotte Armstrong books recently. What you show here qualifies as a genuine, grade A, blue ribbon haul and I congratulate you.

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    • I bought that one as ever since I did a post on animals, I have always wanted to know how the frog is involved in the book. Descriptions online always leave that bit out, so I decided to buy a copy and find out!


  2. I have much the same problem so I feel your pain! Plus, when I mention names like Rhodes, Bude, Farjeon, etc., they get these puzzled looks. Plus it’s not a good sign when you go into a secondhand bookstore, see a sign that points to a door that says “Female Writers” only to be confronted by every bodice ripper ever written 😳.

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    • Yeah the MN&N one is like the one I have. My copy of Necessary Evil didn’t have a dustjacket. I was pleased with getting the Berkeley, as it’s been a while since I have had a new to me Berkeley title.


  3. Nice haul.
    Summers I am near a big used bookstore, and sometimes make great finds. This year Carr’s Problem of the Green Capsule, in perfect shape, for $2. Canadian, that’s $1.50 USD. On your recommendation I also grabbed The Norfolk Mystery by Ian Sansom.

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  4. I seem to recall you liked Night of the Jabberwock, so you should like Murder Can Be Fun too. Be warned though that the final explanation is a little disappointing, perhaps inevitably so – that’s the problem with “high concept” mysteries of the kind Brown made a specialty of.

    The rest of your list is pretty appetizing. I own several items on it but having read neither (none has chosen me yet! 😉 ) I can’t make recommendations. I admit to a soft spot for the first Ethel Lina White book on the basis of its cover and I look forward to your review to know whether it’s as good as the artist made it appear to be.

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