Latest Book Haul

I don’t often indulge in book hauls, though I think that is more through lack of opportunity, than from any kind of will power. Second hand bookshops are a little bit thin on the ground where I am and local charities provide slim pickings for a vintage crime fan (though occasionally they do surprise me). Consequently most of my book buying takes place online and what with P&P costs, means book buying splurges don’t always happen that often.

However, as this blog post title indicates, a book buying spree has occurred and I thought I would share my purchases with you. Fingers crossed I haven’t gone for anything too bad. I think all but one or two are authors I have tried before, but then there’s nothing wrong with a familiar face. Where possible I have used pictures of the editions I have, but for some, where I don’t have a dust jacket, I have just gone for a cover I like.


  1. I’m also in a small town with limited opportunities for GAD fans so I can sympathize. Fortunately I read widely enough that I can always find something and ebook re-issues are truly a blessing for those authors whose books are not going to show up in hard copy. Oddly I have found half a dozen Charlotte Armstrong books recently. What you show here qualifies as a genuine, grade A, blue ribbon haul and I congratulate you.

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  2. I really like Elizabeth Ferrars, but I haven’t read that one. You have some good covers anyway, I hope they’re good reads too.

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    • I bought that one as ever since I did a post on animals, I have always wanted to know how the frog is involved in the book. Descriptions online always leave that bit out, so I decided to buy a copy and find out!


  3. I have much the same problem so I feel your pain! Plus, when I mention names like Rhodes, Bude, Farjeon, etc., they get these puzzled looks. Plus it’s not a good sign when you go into a secondhand bookstore, see a sign that points to a door that says “Female Writers” only to be confronted by every bodice ripper ever written 😳.

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    • Yeah the MN&N one is like the one I have. My copy of Necessary Evil didn’t have a dustjacket. I was pleased with getting the Berkeley, as it’s been a while since I have had a new to me Berkeley title.


  4. Nice haul.
    Summers I am near a big used bookstore, and sometimes make great finds. This year Carr’s Problem of the Green Capsule, in perfect shape, for $2. Canadian, that’s $1.50 USD. On your recommendation I also grabbed The Norfolk Mystery by Ian Sansom.

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    • I hope you enjoy the Sansom book. It’s best to start with the first book as you get to grips with the setup. The first three books are the strongest in terms of the mystery component.


  5. I seem to recall you liked Night of the Jabberwock, so you should like Murder Can Be Fun too. Be warned though that the final explanation is a little disappointing, perhaps inevitably so – that’s the problem with “high concept” mysteries of the kind Brown made a specialty of.

    The rest of your list is pretty appetizing. I own several items on it but having read neither (none has chosen me yet! 😉 ) I can’t make recommendations. I admit to a soft spot for the first Ethel Lina White book on the basis of its cover and I look forward to your review to know whether it’s as good as the artist made it appear to be.

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