Book of the Month: June 2019

Reading figures have picked up a little this month, with 10 book reviews, 1 film review and a post on the latest Bodies from the Library conference.

Even more importantly it was actually a good month in terms of reading quality as well and I am in the unusual position of having four quite diverse stories holding joint second place. These titles are:

Both Fitt and Dalton were first time encounters and from what I have read, I definitely think I would try more of their work. Whilst the Brand and Christie novels were re-reads for me and it is amazing how much you can forget in a 6-year gap, but at least I hadn’t forgotten how great they are. So who could steal first place from these writers? Well the answer is Celia Fremlin and her 1972 novel, Appointment with Yesterday. Not only is there a wealth of fascinating social detail in this piece, but the central character, Milly, is engrossing, as is her predicament and the reader is compelled to keep reading in order to find out what will happen to this fugitive on the run…

With bigger projects and activities out of the way I am hoping this coming month will be a good one for reading. Just hope I haven’t jinxed it now…


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