Book of the Month: March 2019

I think this has probably been my least productive month as a blogger, with only 8 crime related books read. Trying my best not to beat myself up too much about it, though. However, bizarrely I have three separate categories when it comes to book of the month: Best Film of the Month, Best Non-fiction Book on Crime Writing of the Month and the actual Book of the Month. So without further ado…

Best Film of the Month

Hands down this has to go to Sorry, Wrong Number (1948), with the high tension it develops, culminating in a brilliantly dark ending.

Best Non-Fiction Book on Crime of the Month

I managed to read 3 such books this month. Occasionally such a mood strikes me and they’re great for something you just want to read a little at a time and don’t require you to get too immersed. After some thought I finally plumbed for Susan Rowland’s From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell (2001), which certainly provides a lot of food for thought, but in a readable style.

Best Book of the Month

This was a tough one as there were two strong contenders: Dead March for Penelope (1951) by George Bellairs and The Long Shadow (1975) by Celia Fremlin. If the puzzle factor is all important then the former is the one for you, but in the end I decided to go for Fremlin’s novel as my Book of the Month, as her writing style really gelled for me and was a great novel to jump back into after a lot of non-fiction reading.

Not sure how much I will get read in April, but I will be attending the Crime Writer’s Association conference, which I am really looking forward to. I also need to figure out whether it is possible to fit another bookcase in my home, as I am at that awful moment where the last space on the bookshelves has now been filled up.

Plan A of course…


  1. OMG, Kate! I’m in the same boat! I have actually been asking myself how badly I need full access to my closet door in order to justify one more bookshelf in my bedroom! Somebody stop me please! 😩


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