Forthcoming Speaking Engagements

Whilst March has been a frustrating time in terms of technology generally conspiring against me, it has also been a very exciting month in the form of upcoming projects.

Things kick off next month, with not one event but two! Last year I joined the CWA and as part of the runup to their annual conference, (this time in Bowness), members were given the opportunity to take part in library talks and panels. So if you happen to live in or are visiting Cumbria next month then come along to:

11th April 3pm: How the Modern World Shapes Crime Fiction

I will be joined by Mike Craven, a writer of police procedurals, and we will be exploring from our relative areas of interest, the factors which have made crime fiction change and perhaps how some subgenres have been more affected than others. We’ll be coming at this from a range of angles, such as amateur sleuths, technology and more. It’ll be interesting to see what our audience makes of the topic. This event will be taking place at Carlisle Library and more information can be found through this link.

12th April 2:30pm: Classic and Contemporary Crime Fiction

This is a panel discussion, composed of myself, Martin Edwards and Christine Poulson. (Surely being on a such panel is on everyone’s bucket list?) The event will be taking place at Ambleside Library and more info can be found here.

Of course there will be a modicum of promotion for The Pocket Detective and its sequel, but I am hugely looking forward to discussing and sharing my thoughts on classic and modern crime fiction. And with such great people as well!

Finally, my last speaking engagement is at the Bodies from the Library conference, which takes place at the British Library on the 29th June. It is an all day event, packed full of interesting talks, as the programme reveals. This will also be an extra special event as fellow bloggers, Moira, JJ and Dan will also be speaking on impossible crimes and more. It is quite the blogger invasion! For my own slot I will be talking about Australian vintage mystery writer, June Wright, whose novel The Devil’s Caress is being re-released in the UK in June. If you are interested in a little pre-reading prior to the event, there are a couple of Wright’s novels for under £5 on ebay at the moment.

Well with all this ahead of me, I best get cracking!


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